Odd Voice News – A Roundup Report

Logically deduced by Taji

StudioApp for the iPhone

StudioApp from Karsidy.com mentions on their website that some tester said the following:

“The fun of StudioApp is being able to record on the go with all of my
buddies and make a hit in 5 minutes. I can’t get enough of it!” -Eric
Spett (one of the first testers for StudioApp)

As an ex-musician and current voice over artist… I highly doubt that this application can give you studio quality anything… but I love the application’s icon which shows you a high end condenser microphone (or is that a tube mic?) with a pop guard… apparently the iPhone’s receiver has the potential to give you high end Audio Fidelity with plosive protection!

I for one am impressed. I think I might just go sell all my microphones and gear to save on costs and buy a stand for my iPhone… I mean the application developer says:

“With a brilliant user interface and seamless audio sequencing,
StudioApp tops the charts in mobile music production and raises the
standards for every rapper, singer, DJ, MC and all else who don’t want
to deal with expensive and time consuming production tools.”

“Whether you’re at home, in the car or on a short flight in your
private jet, StudioApp allows you to lay down up to 4 vocal/audio
tracks over 30+ professionally engineered instrumentals.”

yeah looks intense… I think these guys are going to give Pro Tools a run for its money… And they keep referring to it as a mobile recording application. Isn’t a MiniDisc or a walkman with a microphone a portable recording setup? or is this special because its on the iPhone. I mean if P.diddy or 50 cent record their next album on this thing… I think its well worth the $7.99 that they are charging for it.

Honestly the audacity of these guys leaves me… to a certain extent … speechless. But hey if you guys want me to review your mobile recording application… I’ll be more than happy to. (actually no I wont… don’t send me anything)


Taken from Engadget.com

Samson introduces highly portable $49 USB Go Mic

For the podcaster-on-the-go, there’s always a need for a portable
microphone to get through less-than-ideal situations. Clearly, Samson Technologies
is lookin’ out, as the simply titled Go Mic provides all that and a bag
of chips. The “pocket-sized” USB microphone comes with a built-in mount
for siting atop one’s laptop display and can be used to record audio in
a variety of scenarios (Skype, lectures, etc.). It’s supposedly
plug-and-play with both Macs and PCs, and it features a 20Hz to 18 kHz
frequency response, selectable cardioid / omni directional polar
recording pattern and a condenser transducer with pressure gradient.
Speak up in one (available in black or white) right now for $49; full
release is after the break.

Samson to Unveil Revolutionary Go Mic at CES

pocket-sized recording device, Go Mic is a high-quality USB microphone
that captures audio for all kinds of software and online applications,
all in an innovative fold up design

On display at CES, January 8th-11th, 2009 in Las Vegas, South Hall 4 35528

NY – December 18, 2008 – Samson Technologies is pleased to announce Go
Mic, the latest addition to Samson’s ever-increasing line of USB
microphones. Go Mic is designed to record professional quality audio on
any computer. Its unique design provides the user with a built-in
laptop mount or allows placement on a multidirectional hinge; ensuring
consumers record only the intended audio.

Go Mic is perfect for
all forms of recording. On the road, in the classroom, in a house of
worship or any office setting, Go Mic will provide professionals and
consumers alike with a convenient recording option. Additionally, Go
Mic is ideal for applications such as Skype, iChat, webcasting,
podcasting, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and voice recognition

“As an audio company, Samson focuses on creating
solutions that have the widest range of applications that deliver great
sound,” said Director of Marketing Mark Wilder. “With so many uses for
digital audio and video today, Go Mic answers the call for anyone who
needs better audio at a better price.”

The Go Mic’s key features include:

• Plug & play MAC and PC compatibility
• USB interface for high-resolution, digital audio streaming
• Custom design clips to a laptop or sits on a desk
• Compact, folding design allows easy storage in a brief case or laptop bag
• Condenser transducer with pressure gradient USB digital output
• Frequency response of 20Hz – 18 kHz
• Selectable cardioid or omni directional polar recording pattern
• Available in black or white
• MSRP $49

will be displaying the Go Mic and a number of other new and innovative
products at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. To book a meeting with
Samson executives, please contact PR Representative Greg Mondshein.

Taken from blog.audioconnell.com
(This isnt really odd… kinda cool actually)

twitter picks you up at the airport


Today my friend and client Leesa Barnes came to Buffalo to speak at a lunch seminar hosted by the Buffalo Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives. She didn’t come in from her hometown Toronto either, she flew in via Las Vegas having attended and presented at the National Association of Broadcasters convention there.

Having gone through airplane connection hell in her travels back,
Leesa tweeted me this AM asking if I would be able to pick her up at Buffalo Niagara International Airport. After we agreed to the fare… (just kidding!)

Glad to see her in action, presenting “Be Marketing Fit: 3 Ways to
Get Active Using Social Media”. The 30+ in attendance really enjoyed
her content as did I.

Leesa and I first met up in Toronto when Social Media and Social
Networking were first starting via an international on-line networking
group called Ryze. The
Toronto Ryze chapter actually had in-person meetings and I would go up
to TO and make contacts. That group eventually faded away.

Then she told me about the first Podcamp Toronto, which was great. Subsequently I’ve done voice over work for her podcasting clients and her podcasts as well.

But there you have another use for Twitter and Social Media…hailing a cab, or a ride anyway, from the airport. Monetize that, pal! :)


That’s it for now folks… remember to join the Social Networking Group on Voiceover-casting.com and post your networking info.


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