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I got a mail today from Stephanie at to take down the original post that contained information for paying customers of (Which I am) so I’ve removed the old post and included the generic one that Stephanie posted in her daily vox blog.


We’re pleased to announce that has partnered with VoodooVox to bring even more opportunities to the voice over marketplace.

While any member may be contacted for these jobs, an invitation has been extended to paid members to be included in a special program and presented as preferred vendors.

The Voice of In-Call Media

VoodooVox In-Call Media has hundreds of voice over jobs that they need filled each and every month for in-call advertising. They have chosen to partner with to meet their needs.

What Opportunities Will Be Posted by VoodooVox Advertisers?

These jobs will be advertisements for In-Call Media, essentially audio advertising that is dynamically inserted into the call experience. Examples include voice over recordings for automated movie ticket lines, radio station contest lines, no-cost conference call services, and so on.

How Will This Work?

Our teams have worked together to seamlessly integrate our technologies. Advertisers at VoodooVox will select talent to record their ads. If you are selected for one of these opportunities it will appear as a private job offer in your account.

While the technology allows for everyone at to be considered, VoodooVox has a special program that we are inviting paid members at to apply for. If you are chosen, you’ll be part of a certified list of professionals as selected and recommended by VoodooVox that will be presented to their customers via a special search filter within VoodooVox’s advertising platform.

You can learn more through our VoodooVox portal at linked here:

VoodooVox Training Center at

How To Apply?

If you are a paid member of, check your email for a special invitation email sent from me today.

Best wishes,

Stephanie Ciccarelli
Co-founder of

P.S. The date to submit by is March 18, 2009 to be considered for this opportunity.



I guess its gratifying that Stephanie from even reads my blog… thanks for visiting stephie 🙂 until we meet some other time at my next indescretion.