NVR: New Dr. Who Trailer – Season 5 and other stuff

One of the perks of having your own blog on your own server is blogging about whatever the heck you want to. I was introduced to Dr. Who back in 2005 when the BBC reintroduced the series … updated, revamped and wicked entertaining.

Here is the latest trailer for Dr. Who … with the new guy (Matt Smith) that replaced David Tennant.

Like every new incarnation of the Dr. I begin with hating the new guy… accepting him… then feeling sad that they’ve decided to leave the show.

Since my move to the new location frees me to pursue other blog subjects … I’m going to start doing that at my own discretion … you’ve been forewarned!

If you aren’t interested in checking out those posts then just look for the NVR prefix (none voice related) and don’t bother yourself with reading the post… if on the other hand you would like to find out more about things and stuff… then please visit!

Other Stuff

For example… Right now I’m reading the latest “Wheel of Time” book which was written after the author of the series passed away. The deceased author had written 11 books and was in the process of writting the 12th but got a rare blood disease and kicked the bucket… now since I’ve been reading his books since the mid 90s waiting for a conclusion… it was a relief to find out that wife and Estate members had found another author with a complimentary style to write the final book…. and apparently the final book was so long it was split up into 3 seperate parts… so in essance the saga will consist of 14 books.

The first book of the final series is called “The Gathering Storm” and so far (I’m a little more than half way through the first part) is pretty true to the original style of writing.

Not bad.

Yesterday I was stumbling on the web (using the stumble upon plug-in for Firefox… and apparently is already available for google’s chrome browser) and came across a set of videos for people who wanted to eat the hottest pepper in the world called the “Bhut Jolokia”.

The videos were as much disturbing as they were entertaining… you can take a look at the page Ivisited here one of the videos is of a canadian guy (I know from his accent… either that or he’s from northern michigan) who ends up having an allergic reaction to the pepper… some of the people who eat it end up going to the ER.

Hardcore! and completely not something I would advise any voice actor to attempt.

Don’t be stupid… seriously!

Today I read an article about the french denying citizenship to someone because they wore the Islamic veil. You can read the article on the BBC here. For a country that considers itself a beacon of freedom… denying someone rights because of their religious belief is the ultimate in hypocrisy. I don’t like the french government. I don’t think its any of their business what I wear … as long as I am decent and not exposing myself…. the veil is the exact opposite of exposing one’s self.

So here is my thought for the day. Why is it that the most tolerance I have every seen toward my religious practice was in Canada… and France who is also a western country decides that they are above their own constitution and denies religious freedom in their country. Why are Muslims being ostracized when better understanding is what is needed for differing cultures to integrate. Why does becoming a citizen of one country mean you have to leave your identity at the door.

The French government is a maelstrom of contradiction and with a growing Muslim population from Algeria (a former colony) and Morocco they are trying to contain the minority in a way that makes their lives difficult and full of harrasment.

This would be the same to me as a government requiring me to shave my beard… Since when was my facial hair any of your business? And please don’t start toting crap about terrorism. Especially when this piece of news just popped up (and disappeared just as quickly) Clare Short says cabinet misled on Iraq war legality.

The disastrous issue here is that other European countries have decided to consider implementing the same restrictions on Muslims within their population… It’s the Dark Ages all over again… And the Spanish Inquisition is making a come back.

I gotta go watch Sponge-Bob Square-pants while answering emails.



    1. Isn’t it! That’s why I put it in the header… I kept thinking why didn’t they do this since the first season with Eccelson? I mean its way cooler than that elliptical piece of crap logo they keep using with the stupid sun flares… what’s up with that right?! 😀

  1. Alas with YouTube banned here in Turkey, I haven’t yet been able to access the video through any of the back doors I know… maybe tomorrow I’ll be lucky.

    I grew up with the Doctor, the best way to watch used to be from behind a cushion…

    Which makes a nice link to your inquisition remark – wasn’t it under Monty Python that the biggest threat was \the comfy cushion… with all the stuffing up one end!\


    1. youtube is banned in Turkey? this is the first I’ve heard of it… you could look for a non youtube version of the trailer. Alas to us Muslims the Spanish inquisition was more than just a funny skit by Monty Python (and referenced quite extensively in the movie sliding doors) the execution and relocation of thousands of Muslims from Andalusia is something we don’t think of fondly.

      Incidentally… thanks again for the heads up on the notification email errors.

      1. Point taken – you appreciate that I wasn’t referring to the reality, Taji. Unfortunately humour sometimes exists at the expense of the reality it relates to. You may be interested to know that although my grasp on history isn’t that terrible, when I think of the period of the Spanish Inquisition I always think of the persecution of other “christians” who didn’t support the papal views. Religious intolerance is the biggest hypocrisy… and more often than not is in reality politics.

        However, to revert to the Doctor – I’ve now seen a trailer through Google. Looks exciting, but I’ll always fondly remember the tackiness of the Dr from the 1970s! Enjoy!

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