Bettye Zoller's New Audiobook Workshop

Morning Peoples,

Just a quick note for those interested in developing and improving their Audiobook Skillz!

The Great Bettye Zoller emailed me a few days back and asked me to inform you folks of a new course she’ll be giving in the Dallas Area.  Here are the deets:

JULY 11-12

By popular demand: AUDIO BOOK INTENSIVE WEEKEND July 11-12 Improve your narration skills and learn where the publisher jobs are for readers today. What should your audio book demo be? What are those who hire looking for in a reader? How can you prepare for “long form audio” (audio books) because it requires stamina and special voiceover techniques. Two big days. Special guests. Includes all meals and all handouts. Enroll in store at or phone/email us for information. A recent AFTRA study found that the most jobs today are in the field of narration. Voice Talents Take Notice! Get into this enjoyable and lucrative field. If you’re traveling here, ask our advice for saving dollars and we provide free ground transport! And a two-pay plan is still available.  Six open places at this writing. HURRY!

Further details at

She’s also going to be giving a few of her other Popular courses during her visit to Dallas…


These are our most popular seminars so we’re again offering them in Dallas by your request. Enroll early. These always sell out.

Thank you for accepting and reading our emails and please share with others. Our seminars in Dallas are partial fundraisers for our favorite charity, READING RADIO RESOURCE of DALLAS, the organization that provides audio and radio shows for the sight- and learning-impaired of all ages. Visit and become a volunteer worker or reader today.

In Dallas on August 1-2 Bettye Zoller presents by popular demand Business of Voiceovers and Voice Acting Techniques. Today’s voiceover industry is new, changed, worldwide, and voice talents must know how to market, how to help their agent help them most. We’ll discuss what your voiceover demo should be, where the jobs are, how to improve your voice skills, the secrets of pleasing producers and winning auditions and getting your career going. Enroll at www.voicesvoices.comin the online store or phone Bettye Zoller at 214-638-TALK (8255)or contact her by email at

Bettye Zoller Seitz

Consider yourselves informed!

Also on a similar note… I got this by mail as well:

David Goldberg’s recent teleseminar,

“Advanced Telephony and GPS Voice Narration”

is now available for you to hear!

Go to
to GET YOUR FREE COPY and start learning about whether or not telephony and voice narration is for you (It’s not for everyone and this will help you to find out)!

David Golberg, Director or Edge Studio


  1. No I promised Bettye (if you remember that post where I replied to a comment of hers with an article) that instead of plugging her courses in a comment.. she can tell me that she has something available and I would tell my readers about it… I’m not getting paid for anything. Plus it feels like you read a commercial because I copy and pasted the email she sent me verbatum… I didnt edit it…

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