Increasing the Fold – Member Drive June '09


Good Morning Folks,

Sorry about not posting that many voice over related posts lately… I’ve been stuck doing a complete revamp of the advertising company I work for… We recently landed an affiliation with a major global advertising firm and for some reason I, the guy who brokered part of the deal, am also stuck  redoing all the branding for our modest 150 plus employee company.

Anyway…where was I… so in light of my previous post and because I practically always root for the underdog… I would like to make a suggestion to the members of the site that helped me start my blog

Increasing the Fold

Since many of us find this site helpful and to some degree have introduced us to new and amazing people… I would like to suggest that just like other people go out of their way to have Member Drives for their Twitter or Facebook accounts where they try to attract as meany followers or friends or whatever as possible.

I suggest that we in turn do that but toward attracting new members to I would like to increase the number of this site’s members. I want people who were not aware of its existence to also enjoy what it provides us with and allows them to bring their unique voices and talents to our site.

I’ve said this before but some people think I’m trying to be gimmicky or have a kumbaya moment when I mention that everyone in the Voice Over Industry is part of our family. Whether they like it or not… so I suggest that whoever reads this post … whoever enjoys reading my blog. If you think that visiting my blog daily has benefited you.. then understand that my joining has benefited me…. and that I highly recommend it.

Spread the Word

As you might have guessed from my previous post I don’t appreciate people sabotaging a good thing because of some misconception or missunderstanding… I want to benefit people… In times when work is scarce and living is tough people should form a community and protect their own. I would like to share the benefits that I have enjoyed at whether from talking to tech savvy technophiles or soaking up the experience of our reveared veteran talent… this has to be shared.

If we Hog it (or bogart it)  and not share it then we stand to stunt the growth of that  thing we enjoy so much.. our community… instead of helping it grow… we will be the hands clamping down around its neck.

Long Story Short

I would like to suggest that we hold a Member Drive … If you know anyone in the voice over industry whether voice actors, coaches, agents or even regular clients then spread the word… Tell them about … tell them of the great people that are a part of it and ask them to join.

If you blog … tell your readers… if you twitter then tweet it to your followers… if you send out newsletters then mention it to your subscribers.

Lets make June the month to double our members. But lets try not to spam anyone please!

(I can just imagine Brian doing a face palm right now 🙂 )