Layers Of An Onion

The Voiceover industry is very much like a High School. You have the Popular kids, the AV nerds and you have the gossip mongers.

I don’t know where I fit… in high school I was a bit of a paradox. I was well known because of how outspoken I was but I was also resented for how brutally honest I was.

I can’t say that I’ve changed much since then… I’m still brutally honest.. its just that I’m a little nicer about conveying my honesty to the appropriate parties.

Faffcon Vs. VOICE

So now the voiceover community has itself another voiceover conference. Except this time it seems that it was a direct reaction to how unproductive VOICE 2010 was. I can’t say that everyone came away from VOICE 2010 with nothing. I mean making those valuable interpersonal connections alone is probably worth the ticket and conference fees. But from the reactions and feedback of most of the attendees it felt like I didn’t miss much by not attending. In fact VOICE 2010 seems to have been geared mostly toward the voiceover noob. The one interested in breaking into the business… rather than the well established professional.

Faffcon… and the name most probably comes from yet another Philip Banks-ism “faffing around” (to do nothing … to procrastinate) seems to be a little more geared toward the full time working voiceover professional than for newbie.  That is not to say that VOICE 2010 was a waste of time… rather it was not geared toward everyone… but everyone was invited.

I think this is a good thing. I think that there has to be a defining niche toward whom a conference is directed toward. The more attendees there are the more tickets are sold… and hence the more money is made.

Faffcon was not advertised for a year… it has a much smaller niche than VOICE 2010 and it wasn’t held in VO capital of the world (LA) but in Portland.

Ultimately I don’t think there will be much competition between the two since the organizers of VOICE 2010 are both sponsors of Faffcon and attended the conference itself.

Voiceover Appreciation Month

A few days ago Dave Courvo contacted me about recording 2 words for him. It was the first day of the Eid Celebration (which marks the end of Ramadan.. so muslims no longer have to fast) and I had about 200 family obligations to attend to. I sent him an email asking when he needed it by… he never answered… time difference came to his aid…

So I figured whatever it’s just two words… I setup… recorded them and sent him the file.

This is what he sent me back:

VO Appreciation Month PSA

The voices on this PSA: Daniel Wallace, David Atwood, Mahmoud Taji, Bobbin Beam, David Houston, Jay Sawyer, Jim Barton, Ken Maxon, Liz de Nesnera, Linda Ristig, Morgan Barnhart, Lee Gordon, Dan Roberts, Trish Basanyi, Andy Boyns, Mike Coon, Doug Turkel, Melanie Haynes, Bob Souer, Dave Courvoisier, Justin S. Barrett, Rowell Gormon, Mike Roberts, Michael Schoen, Edo Peters, CC Petersen, Jodi Krangle, Ralph Hass.

I have to say I was quite impressed with the roster of folks on the list… and quite honored to be included amongst their midst. Thanks Dave for a job well done and a for including me in this project.

Twitter Promos

As part of The Voiceover Pavilion Prestige package I promote my users through @VoicePavilion Some haven’t submitted their twitte promos so I don’t post them … and some have asked me to write the promos for them… so I happily comply.

I find this method very effective in communicating to the hundreds of @VoicePavilion twitter followers the skills and availability of the talent that have chosen to list their websites on my directory.

I have tens of casting agencies following that account… so if you are following me there to listen to my musings… please unfollow me… because I rarely think out loud on that channel. @mahmoudtaji is where I think out loud. And some of it is in arabic and some of it promotes my specific ideology so for God’s sake if you can’t take the heat … stay out of the kitchen. I do not apologize for my views and for who I am like I wouldn’t expect you to do the same.

The Voiceover Pavilion Revamp

The Voiceover Pavilion or is an attempt by yours truly to establish a voiceover promotion tool that is dedicated to those serious about their voiceover profession… and hence have a website to promote themselves through.

Very recently the site was revamped with a couple of new features including a new moving header to promote featured artists.

This will mostly include the newest Prestige members but fear not longtime members… I still promote you whenever I get a chance through the twitter channel.

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