Green Glue – The Soundproof Goo

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Today’s post is about a product I’ve heard allot about and is gaining popularity in the Voice Over and Home Studio Industries.

This is not an advertisement and I am not getting paid by these folks but as someone who is constantly trying to improve the sound of his voiceover recording environment by making it quieter and quieter I came across several references to something called Green Glue.

Apparently what this product does is absorb sound and instead of letting it through… it turns it into heat.

According to their website: Green Glue has just been named one of Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler’s 100 Best New Products!

This is how they describe it:

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound is fast, easy to use, highly cost effective, and it works. Independent lab tests prove that just one layer of Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound between two layers of drywall or other similar building material dissipates up to 90 percent of noise. Unlike competitive soundproofing products, Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound cuts out the low frequency noises commonly produced by home entertainment and theater systems.

In Egypt, where I live you can’t really get your hands on this stuff… I’d have to get it shipped over and the additional cost would not make this a cost effective solution for me. But that doesn’t mean you guys can’t benefit from it.

Here is the pricing for this stuff

Green Glue Pricing

28 oz Tubes

12 tubes per case $175.00

Green Glue Pails

5 gallons $265.00

Applicator Tube

Used for Pails $49.99

Here is the application method for this stuff… it acts allot like Caulk so if you have any experience applying that stuff then you won’t have any issues with Green Glue…. although this stuff takes something like a week to cure.

No the idea is simple… you buy this stuff and place it on a new sheet of drywall… then put that on top of the old drywall you have… then squish them together.

Here is a weird animated video on how to use it:

here is a video showing a real person going through the process:

You can order Green Glue directly from their website at

If you have used Green Glue on your studio and have noticed the results this company claims… can you please leave your story. I’d love to know if this solution is really what people are saying it is.


    1. Glad it helped. If you don’t mind me asking… how did your home studio build go… I’d just like to know how you used the green glue 🙂


  1. I am in the process of getting the materials right now and
    will let you know how it goes. But I really, really appreciated your post…thanks for providing such excellent information on your blog!

  2. Mahmoud, nice article. I used Green Glue for the first time in my latest voice booth build. I have to say I’m impressed with it. It really does work. I don’t own professional testing equipment or anything like that but I can hear a difference between using it and not using it – especially in the lower frequencies.

    In my case I built my walls with 2 layers of 5/8 drywall and the Green Glue sandwiched in between. I used two tubes of Green Glue per four foot by eight foot section of drywall as recommended by the manufacturer.

    One other note: I believe it takes closer to 30 to 45 days for the Green Glue to fully cure and achieve maximum effectiveness.

    If it’s hard to get in your area there are other materials you can use. They may not be as effective but there are some other options I’ve read about on the forum at you might want to check out.

    1. Hello Brian,

      Thanks for stopping by and telling us about your experience with the Green Glue. Since I live in Cairo where you can barely get water and electricity it would be pretty miraculous for me to find a supplier of the green glue here.

      Having said that I think maybe the curing time for the glue might have to do with the temperature of the area you live in as well as the moisture levels inside the house… so if it’s in the basement it’ll cure slower than say in the attic.

      Overall I think that if I take a trip back to the old Country (canada) I might just order me a box and have it shipped to the land of pyramids and traffic congestion.

      All the best,

  3. Weird animated video?!? What? Just kidding, it is kind of weird. I’m a little partial to Green Glue, but I figured I would chime in anyways. Green Glue really is a very popular sound isolation product. However, it isn’t anywhere near being the most effective way to isolate sound. Resilient clips are much more efficient at isolating sound and would cost quite a bit less to ship to Cairo. Either way though, we really do have a lot of customers that are very happy with the results of Green Glue. Not 100% of the customers, but a very high percentage. I think the only time someone is dissatisfied with Green Glue is when they went into the project thinking that Green Glue could isolate 100% of the sound. It definitely cannot. It will seriously increase the level of isolation in a wall without much effort and pretty minimal cost in comparison to other products. And maybe even more importantly, in comparison to any other damping adhesive available, Green Glue definitely performs the best.

    Advice to anyone purchasing Green Glue internationally. Purchase the bulk 5 gallon buckets. The cost for product is about .18 cents per square foot less and you’ll ship half as many packages which saves quite a bit in freight.

  4. I have been going through soundproofing products and I found that quietrock is very promising. Their product quietglue is about 35$ is cheaper than green glue.
    Quietglue It will be a better option.
    While looking into their site I found that they both have the same test data results.

  5. I used Green Glue on a bedroom wall and found it to be an excellent soundproofing material but as noted above it did not dissipate 100% of the sound. The solution… I added another layer of drywall with another layer of Green Glue. I was also able to purchase the Green Glue cheaper than the prices mentioned in the article from one of their distributors. Here is the link

    1. Simon – can you tell me more about what you were soundproofing against? In other words, was it a shared wall with a neighbor? I was thinking of adding 2 5/8″ layers of drywall each with green glue over my existing bedroom wall, through which I can hear my neighbor’s kids screaming and running.

  6. I’d love to get my hands on this glue. But I’m now living in Egypt too. I just moved into a new apartment, & although it’s on the 9th floor the noise from outside is incredibly loud. I’ve just been here one week but already want to move. I like the apartment though, so am considering soundproofing my room.

    Any tips on how I can do so, & what it will cost? I’ll only be here for 6 months so don’t want to spend a lot.

    1. Yeah they don’t sell it in egypt… you’ll need to find someone who will bring it over from the states.

      Personally I used to live next to City Stars (nasr city) and that was pretty loud) My brother-in-law hooked me up with some Fiberglass wool. I used to put that between the shutters and the glass window and that used to block out at least 50% of the noise.

      its not easy to deal with fiber glass wool though so you’ll need gloves while you handle it.

      I hope this helps.

  7. Shukran Mahmoud. I was considering installing a double-glazed sliding window between the shutters & the windows. (Double glazing the normal windows won’t help because of the gaps between the frame and the sill)
    But I think this would require less effort. Do you know where I can buy the fibreglass wool?

    Also, can you recommend a place (besides Radioshack) to buy a good quality digital audio recorder? (I’m starting as a (freelance) radio reporter)

    1. Double glazed glass would also do the trick… but I think it would be quite allot more expensive.

      Actually have no clue where they would sell the fiber glass wool because it was a “gift” from my brother in law who works in installing industrial air conditioners … and this was a left over piece from one of his jobs.

      Digital audio recorders can be found in CompuMe (city stars or Corba) you can find it in Computer Shop (used to be called Mobile shop but they expanded) there is one in Corba and one in Rehab where I reside.

      You can check in the Sakhawi Computer malls (also called Sook al Asr) which are situated in Khaleefa Al Ma’moon.

      You can also check in Carrefour and in Spinneys in their digital department sections. (in Spinneys which is in City Stars… you’ll find them on the right hand side an isle after the the entrance).

      There are a few online stores based in egypt but after a quick search I can’t really find the ones I remember.

  8. Yet to try green glue, and I don’t think it is in UK stores, but I improved my home studio door by covering it with 2cm of medium density board (MDF) attached with springy bits of metal (that’s important) and with one layer of old carpet my wife had thrown out, sandwiched between. Having done that, you could hear thin outside sound leaking in around the edge of the door – so some rubber draught strip stopped that. Door is some 12dB better insulator than it was. For a broadband noise generator, I ran a vacuum cleaner!
    To control echo, I hang a very large bed cover on one wall. Yesterday it fell during a take. You hear a thump like an earthquake, followed by a startled yell from me under the headphones. Never mind, I still like recording here better than I did in BBC studios and there’s always scope to improve.

  9. Here is some great, brand-new info on DIY sound proofing. Serious Materials just launched a new and improved sound damping glue, QuietGlue Pro ( QuietGlue Pro’s improved sound damping technology delivers the highest quality noise control at 30% lower cost compared to Green Glue. In fact, QuietGlue Pro outperforms Green Glue in new, back-to-back testing. Learn more about these recent tests in the white paper QuietGlue Pro vs. Green Glue plus see all of the underlying test reports online. Check out the test results and decide for yourself!

  10. I can concur that quietglue pro works just as good and is much cheaper here in uk.

    And the people I buy it from really know their stuff.

    i’ve built loads of studios and always use these type of products, best way to sound proof something hands down

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