Going on Vacation Soon

Evening Folks, Today’s post is regarding a few news items and issues that I wanted to wrap up before I go on vacation:

1. Just wanted to remind everyone that I will be traveling to Jordan day after tomorrow so I won’t be updating the blog as often cause I’ll probably be busy seeing family in Amman. I will be away from 2 weeks but that doesn’t mean I wont be checking my mail and messages… I might even write an article or two if inspiration hits me.

2. I still haven’t heard anything from you guys about a good Pay It Forward Program .

Funny Enough I got an update in the mail from the voices.com vox daily blog and it contained a few ideas regarding introducing an intern to the business and having a kind of handing over of the torch situation… here is the link for those interested:


So please think about it… we want to set up something to help others in the business with issues that are becoming an obstacle to them whether it be hardware, software, or business related.

3. I’d appreciate it if you guys told people about the directory… The blog and the directory are my efforts at Paying It forward to the community and I want as many people to benefit from it as possible… right now we’re at 215+ websites which is not bad… but I am sure that there are more websites that provide casting that we can add to that list… here is a link to the list if you’ve not been there yet:


4. Regarding the problems that were happening on the voiceover-casting.com website.  Basically what was happening is that someone was opening fake accounts using malicious programs. These programs would go and open several accounts then post advertising like posts for whatever their programmer wanted to advertise. After contacting Fernanda I found out that Brian is on vacation for a month (if memory serves me correctly) and since the website was not her responsibility she directed me to her boss Fernando who I contacted and who cleared the whole issue within minutes. You might not be aware but Fernando right now is in spain handling a big voice Synthesis job and Fernanda is holding the fort in Brazil. The problem should be cleared next month when the buddypress platform that is being used to run voiceover-casting.com will be updated to include a capcha addon (capchas are those weird images with numbers and letters that are used to verify that the person opening an account at a website like ours is infact human and not a program.

5. What else… Oh yes… I have opened a program I am calling Taji’s Voice Over Sentinels. What that means is that if you like a voice over related piece of news and you want to share it with my readers then please just send me a note on the voiceover-casting.com system or contact me at this email

6. Don’t forget that I am also pretty active on LinkedIn.com so if you would like to connect just look for Mahmoud Taji (das ma name don’ wear it out) and I usually accept connections quickly.. unless I don’t like you at which case you can feel paranoid and left out… Just kidding… or am I?

7.  I also have a group on linkedin called Taji’s voice over casting group… if you are in casting or you are a talent… please… join in! here is a link to the group:


That’s it for now… I’ll take my microphone and laptop with me in case any VO jobs come up so if you have an Arabic Language project … you can email me at this email

and we can hook you up with some sweet VO goodness.

be good to each other while I be gone now!



  1. Hey, Taji…

    Thanks for letting us know you are going on vacation. Otherwise, Michelle Summers and I would have tracked you down in Jordan so to make sure you were O.K.

    Have a good time!

  2. Hey Taji!

    As a pay it forward on my end, I am constantly taking new talent under my wing & giving them a real live look at what it is to be a VO talent. That it isn’t a hobby, it is a career & that it takes time & money investments in coaching, proper recording equipment, etc etc & so on – to get where they need to be competitively. Some talent whom I think have potential, I have gone so far to do coaching over the phone & work with them on copy to help them better understand how to interpret the copy & give a good audition – all done free of charge. Obviously I cant take on tons of talent as I already work 12-16 hours day but I really do my best to help talent along the way. I listen to auditions & demos & provide critiques when asked & am available to do this for anyone anytime. It might take me a few days to get back to them but it gets done honestly & constructively. So feel free to let people know I am available to help in any way I can.

    Just yesterday I spent 30 minutes on the phone explaining how to get into VO & what it really takes to a guy who thought he wanted to do this for fun. I got him to realize that this is not a hobby people do for fun – that you need more then just a good voice, that there is proper training that one needs before putting a demo together that you have to have studio experience & engineering knowledge to be competitive. That you can’t even get an agent until you achieve these goals & get credits under your belt that it isn’t just reading – it’s acting 7 bringing the copy to life…

    Too many people jump into this business & get taken advantage of by unscrupulous people, they get ripped off spending thousands upon thousands of dollars putting together a demo before they are actually ready.

    I am getting long winded here but what I am saying is that I am here to help anyone who needs help in any way I can. I can help critique your demos, I can offer advice where it’s needed, whatever you need – I will do my best to be there. It’s not just my way of paying it forward – it’s because I care about what is going on in our industry. We all should!

    I challenge talent to take on a newer talent as a mentor & a friend! Help them & guide them in their career path.

    Anyhow, I hope that you have an absolutely fabulous time with your family. How log will you be missed by us all here? Travel safely my friend! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sorting out the commercial crap that has been posted on our beloved site. I was afraid that Brian had a teeth whitening accident, and was unable to respond. Now we know what was going on.

    Have a great trip and please return safely. It won’t be the same without you!

  4. I am actually thinking it would be a good idea to start a mentoring group. I was trying to wrap my head around what it would look like & involve but will put something up soon. 🙂 It will be a place newer talent can go to find experienced talent who are willing to mentor & offer advise etc. Hopefully talent will be interested in joining & helping out. 🙂 Have a fabulous trip! I am planning a vacation here in the next week or two myself. It’s years over due & I am ready! lol! 🙂

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