Going Green: Alternatives to a VO’s Printed Script

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It’s the weekend in Egypt (yes over here Thursday is the last working day of the week) and as I was going through my regular morning RSS browsing (I am a big technology buff and like to read a few tech blogs like www.engadget.com and www.gizmodo.com) I stumbled on a review of Amazon’s new Kindle DX… this is what it looks like:

Amazon Kindle DX

Here are a few of its relevant specs (relevant to my blog… you can read the full set of specs here) :

Beautiful Large Display: 9.7″ diagonal e-ink screen reads like real paper; boasts 16 shades of gray for clear text and sharp images

Built-In PDF Reader: Native PDF support allows you to carry and read all of your personal and professional documents on the go

Long Battery Life: Read for days without recharging

Pretty impressive huh! and I thought to myself… wouldn’t it be nice to replace my printer with something like that… I mean some of my clients (e-learning and such) actually ask me for lo fi Voice Over quality when I record so I actually just record with a regular computer mic (ok its a special mic that I came across a few years back and it was so outstanding that I am still able to sell VOs recorded with it) and when I record for that client I usually just read the script off the screen and thats the end of that.


I had read a while ago that Harlen Hogan uses his iphone to read his scripts… and honestly that was the reason why I bought my iphone… so I can read scripts off it… my problem ended up being that with a big condenser microphone and a pop guard in front of it where exactly am I going to hold the Iphone and how am I going to read any kind of longish script without losing part of my eyesight (and sanity).


Last week I came across a colleague of mine with a netbook (a new kind of subcompact notebook computer) … this specific netbook was an acer aspire notebook:

This thing was tiny… I mean my hands were almost too big to type on it… but it got me thinking that I can read text of that screen without any problems … write notes on the side of the script with the keyboard … and its size would not mean that there would be fan noise … because it doesnt have a fan! and its not really much of a reflective area to cause any substancial audio bounce back!

Here is a the setup of Voice Actor Dan Lenard Has:

studio-setupHe speaks about his setup in an article that you can read at VoiceOverXtra.com here …  you will notice he’s got three setups (they’re actually four but this picture just shows three of them) one where he’s standing up reading from a printed script… one from a computer monitor and anothere where he’s sitting down on that crazy comfy looking chair (probably for audio book reads etc).

The point is that I want to go green… I want to help out … I live on this planet just as much as everyone else is my neighbor on it… If I ignore the crap that the industries are wrecking on this planet… it would be akin to me doing absolutely nothing while someone sets fire to my neighbors apartment.

The options I present are not cheap and they are a danger to the environment just by there actual existance… the plastic that goes into them… the manufacturing process that creates them… but you will need to weigh the risks … more dead trees… or an LCD screen that you can read millions of pages off of.

Tell me what you think… do you have something that helps you read your scripts that I have not mentioned (other than paper of course)… what is it?

Leave a comment… save the world one script at a time

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