GetSocial Blog Helper by Hillel Stoler

Hello All,

With the advances in the blogosphere happening in leaps and bounds… I was looking for a way to promote my blog to the masses. I’ve read alot of blogs myself and what I’ve noticed is that they have this little strip at the bottom of each blog that contains a list of Social Bookmarking sites.

As a canadian I am very proud to have been an early adopter of StumbleUpon which was developed by a couple of students up north for the Firefox browser. And I am a regular contributer to that bookmarking service… This was almost the same time that was established and got popular.

With these services you can recommend a site by simply clicking a buttom in a toolbar on your browser…

AAAAnyway to make a long story short I was looking for a way to add those icons to my blog and stumbled on this site:


This software as the developer Hillel Stoler describes it … does the following ”

GetSocial is made especially for bloggers. It automatically generates a (specially designed) social bookmarking toolbar for each one of your posts. This is a 100% scriptless way to create social bookmarking links, which makes it a perfect solution for users. It is also based on a 3 step wizard interface which is very friendly and easy to use. Oh, and it’s 100% free! “

Now this meant that I went through all my previous posts (all 13 of them so far) and use this software to post that little toolbar at the bottom… it took about 10 minutes but this could considerably increase traffic toward my blog… and if you use it… toward yours.

The reason I am blogging about this is because since I dont have an american credit card that I can use to help donate something to this guy for his hard work… The least I could do is promote it and hope that one of the american / north american users donates … here is what the developer says : “

GetSocial is a donationware, which means you can use (and share) it for free for as long as you like (you can’t sell it or tell people you’ve made it yourself though). It is neither limited nor crippled in any way. If you use/like it, consider donating 5.00 USD (you can do it!) to the author of the software (that’s me!) Thanks 🙂

All I can donate now is my time… but maybe if you use this tool to promote your site you can send Hillel something as a thank you.