Funtime: Impersonation Videos

Once again it is time to look upon the lighter side of our business and enjoy the works of our brothers and sisters who have succeeded in molding themselves into any and all celebrities that they can possibly impersonate.

I have decided to introduce a new category of posts to my blog and have henceforth called them Funtime! These posts might not be particularly helpful in making you a bigger success in the Voice Over business but they might, hopefully, relieve some of the tension that you could be suffering… from anything…

We did a previous post on this blog a few days back about beatboxing… the art of immitating a drum-machine amongst other things… this time we celebrate the art of immitating other people…enjoy

Now some famous people impersonating other famous people

International William Shatner Day:

How we doing so far? Here’s some more by a few amateurs:

This guy has a Vlog going about his impersonation skills.. his simpsons impersonations arent bad at all….

Now for some professional impersonators (Frank Caliendo):

And a parody by Pablo Francisco of the great Don LaFontaine:

Thats it for now… If you like the post… show some love and drop me a comment