Funtime: Accents of the World (but mostly of the british Isles)

Hello All,

Today is another installment of Funtime! If you have been following my posts that means I look into something that Interests me and post youtube videos about it that I found interesting. Today’s post was inspired by Ms. Julia Lombardo and her French teacher from texas!

21 accents by Amy Walker

A collection of British Accents from the Isle (careful some profanity)

More British Accents (more profanity… sorry!)

Peter Sellers doing British accents

Adam Hills – Australian Accent Shtick (careful contains profanity)

There are so many more! but I think the best job I have seen at accent manipulation is by Hugh Laurie of House MD fame… that guy is consistently awesome. Which is why the post pic belongs to him!

I hope y’all enjoyed this edition of funtime!

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  1. I’m glad my first posting inspired you! This is wild! Can you imagine how long it must have taken them to learn the finer points of all those accents?

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