From Your Wallet To My Pocket

I’m not actually referencing theft here… just methods of payment for Internet based Voice Over Artists.

This is a problem that many people face and they face often… How to get money from the client to their bank account in the least amount of steps… Also what options do you have for payment?
As a Voice Over artist living and working in the Middle East I have heard many horror stories of people who had Paypal accounts that got their funds frozen by Paypal because they accessed their account through a Middle Eastern Terminal. I opened my Paypal account and used it extensively back when I lived and worked in Toronto and have had it for over 7 years now… havent had an issue with it… but that doesnt mean I wont… So I decided to hunt around and find alternative methods of payment.
Based in the UK this seems like a very professional and straightforward way to receive payment from clients. The problem is that its not that popular in North America. Not that most of my clients are from the US or Canada but ultimately you want a service that allows you to get paid by your client and doesnt cause undue hassle for either you or them… I went ahead and opened an account with them anyway because I think eventually I will find a client who will want to pay me with and I’ll be prepared for that.
This is a little different than and You cant just go and open an account with these guys… you need to go through someone else… I went through oDesk. I registered as a freelance talent and was able to get issued a Payoneer card. Now what that means is that you can recieve credit card and other payment method payments over the web that will go straight to your payoneer card. You pay $2 every time you withdraw from the card but ultimately a very very good way to receive payment (its a debit card btw) and you can also use that same card to shop on the internet… an additional perk if you will. (canadian banks only)
Wouldnt be a good Frost Bitten Canuck if I didnt mention one of the best Canadian payment methods for canadians. Interac…  you know what it is… you’ve probably used it everday with your debit card but did you also know that you can send and receive money through it? I’ve paid for my Treo with it.. Bought a Playstation with it and recieved a refund from a trip through it and its always worked quickly (niegh almost instantaniously) without a hitch (walhamdullilah… thank God in Arabic).

Swift Bank Transfer
This is a pretty solid payment system… it takes time and costs a bit of money but its great for large amounts of money and the money goes straight into your bank account. I used this a while back and it took a few days to go through but it was a safe and secure method and I had no complaints with it.

Thats pretty much it… I’d love to hear from other folks to see what other payment methods they have successfully used and are satisfied with.