With a Little Help From My Friends ♫

Voice Over Professionals Directory

I am currently hands deep  working on the design and coding of the new Voice Over Professionals Directory that I mentioned in the last post.

I got some good feedback both publicly and privately about the venture and figured that there is no better time to start than right now… so It’s slowly taking shape… and should be ready to launch within the next 7 to 10 days.

There will be three tiers of membership listings:

  1. Basic – $3 annually
  2. Premium- $25 annually
  3. Sponsored – $50 annually

There will be several cool features but I can’t reveal them right now. I’ll keep it a surprise.

I’ve decided to go with 2 payment methods: Paypal and Moneybookers so I’m trying to supply a little variety with more methods coming in the future.

For those interested in being informed once the directory is up and running… please contact me via email either through the contact page or via the email I have provided in the sidebar —–>

Help From My Friends

Since I don’t want the Emporium to suffer while I am busy with the Directory a couple of friends in the VO industry have been kind enough to step up to the plate and provide me with a some articles I can feature while I’m away from the proverbial helm.

First up is my good friend and fellow Canadian Kim Somers…  followed by the diligent Catherine Marshall from Suchavoice.com


Mahmoud Taji


  1. How can I get another copy of the wonderful website listing directory Taj did recently..websites A-Z? Couldn’t locate it in the archives. Please send to me again if possible.

    1. Hey Jodi… I’ll send you an email the moment we’re close to starting so you can take a look see and tell me what you think. Right now the directory is taking allot of time to setup but I figure once I’m done it should be smoother sailing.

      Thanks for your support, much appreciated!

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