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Welcome to the dedicated download page for my free eBook:

The Modern Voiceoverist’s Guide to the Online Universe & Other Stories.

The book is completely interactive so that any URL in it is clickable and will take you to any website I refer to in the ebook. The table of contents is also designed so that if you click on any of the chapter titles it will take you to the appropriate chapter.

The eBook is in PDF format and is a compilation of many of the articles I have written for The Voiceover Emporium in the last 15 months. It takes voiceover artists (or voiceoverists) through a step by step system designed to help them setup a functional voiceover business.

Many of my old time readers will have read about 80 to 90 percent of the content of this book… which is why I added a few modifications to the articles as well as updated bits and pieces of it.

Enumerable  thanks for everyone who helped me improve the first draft of this book and many thanks for those who will contact me with spelling corrections … I will update this book and refine it as much as I can… with the hopes of eventually one day publishing it on paper.

But for now enjoy the free download!

Right click on the link below and save document to save a copy of this eBook on your computer. Otherwise click the link below and it will open the pdf file in a separate browser window.

Click here to download


  1. Thanks so much Mahmoud for publishing your e book. I have just downloaded it and really look forward to reading it. I am still a beginner in this business and I am sure your advice will be invaluable. It never ceases to amaze me how generous people like you and Paul S. are!
    Many thanks again,

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