Extra Extra! Get your voiceover-casting badge right here!!

Goodmorning folks,

I decided to lend a helping hand to those members on the site who would like to add voiceover-casting.com badges to their websites or their blogs.

The process is pretty simple as long as you know the membership name. To find that out visit your profile


Once you have jotted down what your account name is then you copy the code below:


<a href=”http://voiceover-casting.com/members/YOUR_ACCOUNT_LOGIN/”><img src=”http://voiceover-casting.com/files/2009/04/vocastingbutton_smallc.png” alt=”View YOUR NAME‘s profile on Voiceover-casting” border=”0″ width=”160″/></a>


and replace the bits that I made bold with your account’s profile name for the first bit and in the second one your name.

thats pretty much it…. once you do all that you should get your very own one of these guys:
View Mahmoud Taji's profile on Voiceover-casting

if you have any questions… ask Brian! …nah just kidding… I can help out as well.