Announcement: Taji's Voice Emporium Moving At The End Of The Year

Good Morning Folks,

So I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of this idea for some time now and I’ve come to the decision that I will be moving Taji’s Voice Emporium to my personal server by the end of this year/ beginning of the next.

I am very grateful to and for their help in starting me out as a blogger … the experience has helped me learn allot about the voice over world (that I wasn’t aware of) and has helped me meet some wonderful people who I hope will continue to be my friends even after I move.

For those who are subscribed to my Blog via email … you guys don’t have to do anything… I’ll take care of the change so the service won’t be interrupted at all.

Those how are subscribed to my RSS feed… I’ll also update that and hopefully the transition won’t cause any glitches (but don’t worry if there is a glitch)


The new blog location will only be accessible by going to

I’m not sure if I’ll chose a new theme for the blog … I could keep the one I use now… just so as not to freak everyone out.

And for the first few months after the move I’ll be posting the links to my new articles in my blog space at

I’ll still be an active member of so don’t think I’ll just disappear.

If you have any comments or suggestions on this matter… please leave them.


Mahmoud Taji


  1. Hello Taji.

    I hope you are not moving because the last server problem. It happened because a spammers atack and the hosting company suppended the account for few hours to prevent data damage.

    You are the most important blogger of the site and all members will be sad with your move.

    If there is something that can be done to change your decision, tell me!

    I’ve started a new phase at VoiceOver-Casting and your presence is very important.

    Anyway, good luck and thank you for all brilhant posts.

    Fernando M. Areias

  2. Hello Fernando,

    That’s very kind of you to say… But this site has already introduced several other people to blogging who were not familiar with the concept before and are well on their way to becoming staples of the voice over industry news wire.

    As for my reasons… Well like I said I won’t be abandoning but I want to centralize my blog and voiceover service site under the same server… just for the sake of convenience but I won’t lie to you… it also has to do with giving me a bigger amount of control on the administration of the site so that I can experiment with it a little more than I am able to with

    Again thanks for your words of encouragement. They are much appreciated.

    Mahmoud Taji

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