Ads & Promotion

If you would like to advertise your business or promote a Seminar or Lecture Tour on Taji’s Voice Emporium then read on.


There are several ways you can advertise your business on Taji’s Voice Emporium.

Currently there are 3 sizes for ads:

you have a choice of 3 banner sizes that will be viewed on all the blog’s pages as well as the directory page.

1 Month
3 Months
6 Month
1 Year
Ad Space Size c
Ad Space Size B
Ad Space Size A

These ads will be hosted on your servers if you want to change them periodically. That means if you would like to update your ads … just fix them on your end and upload them with the same name and url and they will change on my page. I don’t care if you do this daily. But I will need your advertisement to be pre-approved by myself. If you would rather I hosted the images on my server then that will not be a problem but it will only give you the chance the change your advert twice in the period of time you advertise with TVE

Cross Site Promotion

These rates are negotiable only in the event that you would like to cross advertise. If you have a blog with good exposure then we can work out a cross advertising barter deal.

Seminar / Workshop Promotion

If you would like to promote your Workshops or Seminars you can do so either using an advertisement banner or by advertising on the Seminar/Workshop Promo page. The Fee to list a single workshop is 10$ per workshop.

The listing will allow you to include a picture of the person giving the seminar / workshop and about 500 words of text for details about the workshop itself. If you have a logo for this then you can include that as well.

If you are promoting a conference then you can only do so through the advertisement banner section