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I’m sure my articles and opinions will ruffle a few feathers and more often than not aggravate some of the readers so if you got something to say to me … use the form and I’ll get back to you.

If you would like to hire me to do some Arabic or Bilingual Arabic / English  voiceover work for you it’s probably a good idea to head on over to and contact me through there… but if you can’t be bothered then you can go ahead and send an email through here as well.

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If you would like to add your company’s website to Taji’s Voice Directory then you can contact me through this form and I’ll get back to you on whether you qualify to be added or not.

The common mistake that some of the reader’s make is that its a directory for all voice over related issues. It’s not… its for voice over casting websites specifically. So if you run a website that has a roster of voice over artists and accepts applicants and you can provide voice over work for voice over artists through that website… then you qualify.

Just to be Clear.

Generally I’m a nice guy. I say it like it is and I write about what could be going through my head at the time. If you have issues with what I write about… leave it in the comment section. If you are rude to me or insult any of my readers… then I’ll ban you from ever commenting on my site… and if you are an email subscriber to the blog … I’ll remove you from my list of subscribers

The rule of thumb here is that if I’m wrong I admit it but if I feel that I am in the right and you’re just being a Troll then God help you. I am diligent about the truth, Justice and the upholding of what is right. Don’t mess with that. You have been forewarned.