Coming In For The Landing

Morning Folks,

Just got back from my Annual vacation. Overall a nice relaxing experience except for the fact that I was supposed to be going to a place much cooler than Cairo (which was going through some global warming related series of heatwaves). To my chagrin the heatwave followed me to a place where they are generally unused to heatwaves and so were ill prepared for the heat.

Roughly translated, they didn’t have many air conditioners around. I took lots of pictures and even splurged on a new digital Video Camera which means you guys might be unlucky enough to have to see me in a video blog. I’m not the prettiest thing around so I’ll try to minimize my face time in the vids.

I had promised myself that I would not do any work during the trip so I didn’t take my Ad company computer and opted for my personal VO recording laptop. I did check my mail regularly and because I didnt want to work during my vacation I lost a quick VO job or two. But overall that didn’t bother me so much.

What Things May Come

Fortunately for you guys I did get an epiphany for a new online voiceover business that might be helpful to the community. I’ve already bought the domain and the software for it and I’m currently working on the design (which shouldnt take that long) but overall (and without giving too much away) It might be quite helpful for some of you guys at one stage or the other of your VO career development.

Members of the Voiceover Pavilion family will get the first peek at the new site during the soft opening and testing and will be able to submit their input before the Site Launch. It isn’t too late for those considering a Voiceover Pavilion membership.

New Goodies

In my last post, I mentioned that I had gone on an online shopping spree and purchased a whole slew of new goodies for my voiceover business. All in all I purchased 4 different items. 3 of them directly related to voiceover recording and the third related to the business side of the voiceover business.

I’ll be reviewing those once my friends get back from their vacations.

Trip Pix

During this year’s trip I took a few photos but most of them had family in them and have no value to you guys. Me and the wife and kid did visit a nice resort at the Dead sea … so I could post a few pictures of that place but otherwise the pictures were mostly personal.

Back to Work

Although I’ll be here working on the new VO website project I told you about earlier. I might not be writing up any updates. I’ll be doing unboxings and taking lots of photos of the stuff I bought when it arrives (beware this could include the unboxing of a new set of crocs… I’m weird that way) so those posts will come along once my friends arrive from abroad (canada and england to be precise).

500 word goal reached (achievement unlocked)



    1. Hey Ash! Man I wish I had enough money to fly the family over and hang out in Vancouver for 3 weeks or something. But between renting an apt, the tickets and spending money I think I’d be flat broke in no time. You know you are habeeby fillah so Its not out of the question but you might have to get me a ferrari for the 3 weeks i’m there. Something that will fit 4 people πŸ™‚

      How’s Faten and the kids? have they moved to Van yet?

    1. Yeah I know the California… sweet ride… front engine though and comes in automatic… right? I saw it on top gear in their romania special. sweet ride! My regards to faten and the kids.

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