Bodalgo Wants To Explode

I just followed a link from Bodalgo’s twitter feed:

Become a partner of bodalgo!

Map of Europe

What’s the story?

To create more business for the voiceover talents at bodalgo, we are looking for partners in many areas that help strengthen the market position of bodalgo.

Founded in January 2008 in Germany, bodalgo has become Europe’s biggest internet portal for voiceover talents. bodalgo features more than 2,300 voice talents, more than 3,000 voice seekers are posting 2,000 voice jobs per year.

bodalgo’s business model is easy: Voice seekers are able to post voice jobs completely for free. There are no fees and no commissions. Voice talents who want to audition for jobs need a premium membership with bodalgo that starts as low as 19,90 Euro per month. We also offer a six-months-plan at 99 Euro and a yearly plan at 179 Euro.

Local hero, global player

Today, we are aiming to strengthen our market position in regions all over Europe. To achieve this, we are looking for partners that help us making bodalgo known to voice seekers and talents in their areas. We will provide the full setup, ie. the website in the area’s language including technical support and maintainance. That way our partners can fully concentrate on the marketing aspects creating the awareness bodalgo deserves.

Are you up for the challenge?

If you feel that you could be the partner we are looking for, don’t hesitate to drop us a line – including your cv and references. Send your application to:

The objective

Our major goal: Getting new voice seekers to know bodalgo. It’s not about selling memberships to voice talents, in fact: You do not market to them at all, because: If bodalgo offers great voice jobs from voice seekers, the talents will find their way to bodalgo on their own. Still, this is not an easy task! But even if you are on a full time job already, you could meet our expectations if you are willing to go the extra miles.

The ideal candidate has a marketing background, ideally with online marketing experience, can work a minimum of 15 hours per week on this project and is a strong communicator.

What’s in for you?

You will be rewarded with a significant percentage for the net turnover created in your area. Every month. What’s more, you will be our exclusive partner in that area.

International rollout

These are the first countries we are looking for partners:

  • * France
  • * Italy
  • * Spain

If you are interested in becoming a partner in another area, please feel free to suggest your area to us:


Good luck with that Armin