Bob Souer Chronicles His New Home Studio


I got a few tweets from Voice Over Maestro, Super Duper Husband, Extraordinary Father and Voice over socialite Bob Souer telling me of his recent move to a new house (I guess we were both moving homes at the same time). Anyway he was nice enough to take photos of the whole process and post those pictures on facebook.

I’ll showcase a few of those photos and the link to his facebook gallery.

before they started

the room before they started

adding insulation to the wall

Bob installing insulation in the wall panel before they close it up.

installing the door

Bob, his father and his Brother-in-law installing the door to the new studio

installing the dry wall
installing the dry wall

last bits

Finished the dry wall for the forth and final section.

false cieling insulation

you will notice that Bob put some OC-705 insulation between the real ceiling and the acoustic roof tile

making bass traps
Bob standing next to the first bass trap he hand made himself from the OC-705 insulation foam and some peg board, staples and cloth

bob's equipment

Side View

front view of equipment

front view of Bob’s Equipment

And here is the man himself.

I have to say that I am very jealous … but happy to see the process being done from A to Z… I haven’t included all the pictures… you’ll have to visit the link below for that… but I’ve posted the highlights of the build.

Bob was assisted by his Father, his Brother-in-law and his Son in this 2 day build (I think it was two days).

I would love to have a setup like that… but alas till the day I do … I will look upon his studio and drool.

Congrats and Bravo!

correction was made to the post… it was Bob’s brother-in-law … not his Father-in-law that helped with the build.


  1. Taji,

    Thank you for the very kind post.

    One correction, it was my Brother-in-law, not father-in-law plus my Dad and my son who helped with the build.

    Be well,

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