Voice Over Blogs Roundup


G’day Mates… Today I’m going to try something different. For a change instead of looking for interesting articles around the web and showcasing them… I will be showcasing Voice Over Related Blogs and some of their postings:

Some of these blogs are by people you might know (Steven Lowell from Voice123.com) and others might be from people you dont.. in anycase I will be listing the Subject and linking directly to their blogs… But These are Articles that I found interesting.

Here we go…

1.  New Online Course at UCLA: “How to Become a Successful Voice Over Artist” – Steven Lowell’s Voice123 Blog

2. The ten top traps Voice Overists love to put their feet in – Philip Banks’s Blog (also a member of voiceover-casting.com)

3. Developing an Amateur Tradition in Voice Over – Pat Fraley through Stephanie’s Vox Daily blog at voices.com

4. Do’s & Don’ts of Podcasting – Terry Daniel from his ‘amazing voice talent blog’

5. Which Social Media Tribe Do You Belong To? – Peter O’Connell from his Vox marketising Blog

And just as a bonus for all you loyal readers… here’s a set of free Voice Over Lessons you can download (did I mention for free?) at Pat Fraley’s Site