Bits & Pieces Part VIII

It’s still hot and humid in Egypt, but thankfully the nights are cooler if not outright cold.

Today’s post is another iteration of Bits & Pieces except it won’t just include bits about the voiceover industry… it will also include things I’ve found online that have both surprised and impressed me:

We’ll start with an article by my friend Paul Strikwarda about the blame game:

1. It’s the stupid economy I don’t think its just the American’s that play this game… I feel like it has an international flavor to it since I’ve experienced it in the 3 or 4 countries I lived and worked in around the world. I highly recommend you read it

2. Here is the official advert for the Faffcon 2 even that is coming up in Feb of 2011. Registration opens the beginning of November so be on the lookout for that!

3. The following are two different Internet based Memes (viral like occurrences) that have greatly impressed me. They are both from a group called Auto-Tune The news and they use software very similar to what we do as voice actors to make people sing, here are a couple of their more famous examples:

a. The Bed Intruder Song based on a news reel that was about an attempted rape where the brother of the woman saved her:

you can view the actual news footage through a link that appears after the end of the song

b. I’m Not a Witch is a song based on the Christine O’Donnell political commercial

remarkably the first song (bed intruder) was released on iTunes and the proceeds were shared between the Gregory Brothers and the Victim’s family who’s voice was used for the song.

4. A Nice Surprise birthday present from a brother – This is Mukhtar’s birthday story a bus driver in Copenhagen Denmar.

5.  My Friend Dave Courvoisier Talks about the trials and tribulations of messing with your equipment and having that bite you in the posterior.

Later Gaters