Bits & Pieces Part VII

It’s time again for one of my bits & pieces installments. This week has been a bit weird for me but overall positive things are on the horizon.

1. ProRemote Pro Tools Controller Iphone App

This little video came to me via Trans Atlantic VO Maestro David Kersten:

Review by Gizmodo

The application goes for about $100 for the pro version and $40 for the Light Edition (just basic control).
It is currently Mac only but they are working on a port for Windows systems.

I had originally asked David to review the products.. (and he might yet do that if he has the time) but until he has any new insight on the experience you can go ahead and check out ProRemote iphone app.

Incidently it doesn’t just control Protools… it also controls:

  1. Protools
  2. Ableton Live
  3. Apple Logic
  4. Soundtrack Pro
  5. Digital Performer
  6. MIO Console
  7. Cubase

If any of our readers has bought and tried it please leave a comment with your thoughts on the matter.

2. Axe Cop – Justice at the end of a blade
My friend Bob Souer is narrator extraordinaire to animated Series Axe Cop :

Here’s the first Episode:

I gotta say… its kinda weird… but … no It’s just weird. But then again this is coming from someone who thought that Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind should be how all movies are made… so.. yeah

3. Taji’s Voice Actor’s Directory Project

Allot of folks have been asking if I will ever put together a directory for voice over talents. I considered it for a while then did the research and found out that it would cost me a few bucks to setup that kind of directory. So I put the idea for to you. Do you guys want me to start a “Voice Actor’s Directory” It would not be free… The basic listing would start at $3 annual and have a featured listing for those who want to pay a little more (well not more than $25). All payments will be done through paypal though.

Anyway If I get some positive feedback regarding the directory then I can possibly start it within 10 days time. If not then I’ll keep it in the backburner.

What are the benefits of this directory? Well increased SEO visibility for you guys. A comprehensive listing where casting agents can go and browse for just the right voice they want. And last … it’s cheap!

4. TVE Skype Conferences

Another idea I’d like to put out there and see how y’all feel about it is possibly having a Skype conference with some of the readers to chat and possibly help someone who might have a problem or listen to anyone’s suggestions for the site. If something like this interests you I guess we can try to arrange for something like that in the weekends when everyone isn’t busy trying to make a living.  I think it might be fun actually and I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Maybe we can even involve some of the big wigs we know.

Think on it!



  1. Yeah! If all you would need is $3 a year per member to support a ‘directory’ then by all means, go for it. (If it were $300, I would have to do some serious thinking. But for $3, no thinking is required!)

    As for the Skype chat, I’m open for that too. The price is right, peer-to-peer Skype chat is FREE world wide. Not sure what I could contribute to a discussion but it would be very interesting to know other VO folk who could be reached with Skype (perhaps with e-mail to set up appointment, guidelines what what’s fair to talk about, that sort of thing.)

    I normally don’t open Skype unless I’m expecting a call because the ‘unsolicited’ contacts can be a distraction. The software is free and usually the quality is better than a telephone. What’s not to like?

    1. Hello Dan and thanks for your input.

      The whole point of the directory is to have a comprehensive directory that won’t cost you much to be a part of … but will be controlled by a voice actor who knows what to look for standard wise. That might seem a little elitist but I’ve seen some of the other directories available and they don’t seem to be what I envision as a comprehensive resource.

      As for the Skype conferences. Free is exactly the point… but more importantly its method that is available and if we organize it properly … we can have a voice 2010 whenever we like depending on who wishes to participate. It’s the perfect way to build connections and you’d get to know the person directly.


  2. Hi Taji. Both sound like a great idea. I’d even be willing to pay for a feature in your directory. Those prices sound very reasonable. 🙂 As for Skype, I’m like Dan – I don’t actually turn the program on unless I have a pre-arranged meeting going on. But it’s a great way to communicate to folks all over the world with little hassle. I’d be willing to participate in such a discussion, if you had one. Keep the great ideas comin’!

    All the best, –Jodi

    1. Always good to hear from You Jodi,

      I think the best way to handle the skype issue is to send you an email with when the conference call will be held and my skype username so you can add me. What I can do is just basically go into skype now and look up your name so you are already on my list.

      The more feedback I get will help make up my mind on the directory. As of writing this comment I have gotten 3 positive reactions so I know that I’m kind of on the right path with this.

      I will be rejecting allot of amateurs in the beginning … and that will piss allot of people off… and that means I’ll be turning away money… but at the end of the day the money is for the site’s maintenance not to buy me a new car (my old one works fine thank you very much 🙂 )

      Thanks for your feedback on this… and please ask your friend if they would be interested in this project and if so to leave a msg here to let me know.


  3. Hi

    As ever moving forward with positive steps… it’s amazing, but I think you could produce something really big with your $3 contributions… the trick will be to monitor standards.

    Skype conferences could be good too…

    keep walking the path Taji!

    best regards


    1. Hey Andy,

      No point in sitting still right? The industry needs to move forward… not all my ideas are possible but a well maintained directory seems like something that I can put some time into as long as I have my costs covered.

      I might have to start adding a world times module to TVE so people know what time it is where I am at… you and I are in the same timezone so no issues there (methinks).


  4. A time zone chart would be very handy. Even in the USA, people forget about the time difference just a few states away. I have enjoyed Skype conversations with individuals in China and it seems bizzare that with our standard time 16 hour difference, when speaking to someone in the evening at home, it’s mid-morning the next day there. I am speaking into the future!

    Best wishes for a great day, Mahmoud Taji.

  5. One quick way to get the time is through a Google search eg: “current time Cairo”

    Strangely while testing that just now I discovered that there’s a Cairo in New York… so you get two time zones for the price of one! (“current time London” is even better value)

    Who can find the place name located in the most time zones?

    best regards


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