Bits & Pieces Part VI

Morning Peeps,

Today I bring another installment of B & P which is basically a highlight of certain articles and bits of news that has caught my eye and that other bloggers have featured in their blogs…

1. Voice Over Xtra Article by Jennifer Vaughn: I actually read this article and spoke to Steven Lowell of Voice123 about it but kind of filed it in the back of my mind until I saw a reference to it at Peter O’connell’s blog Voxmarketising so yeah its a bit of a convoluted way of remembering but hey this is a good article on VS. Voice123 and Jennifer’s return on investment from both.

2. Jeff Kafer’s Appearance on Huckabee . For those old time readers of mine Jeff is the guy who started Voice-Overload the first VO related webcomic. This is from Bob Souer’s Boblog and links up to Voice Over Actor Jeff Kafer’s Appearance on Fox Network’s Huckabee. Also Bob celebrates the release of a massive 700,000+ word project he worked on a few years back… The King James Bible.  Congrats buddy.

3. Paul Strikwerda… my favorite Dutchman and friend is writing up a storm with the last three articles of his… He’s a bit weird (which is why I like him) and his examples are quirky (refer to why I like him) so here is a link to a 3 part set of articles that he has written up with guest appearance by Chef Ramsey Article 1, Article 2, Article 3. It is also prudent to mention that I myself am quite weird and almost (but not quite) as quirky as the best of them. (Paul if you read this check out the reference to the dutch on the latest episode of a TV show called Better Off Ted).

4. Lost & Found.. An interesting article by Briton (or is he scotish…  i mean he lives in scotland) anyway person who lives in on the british Isles Philip Banks. I read it and I liked it… Enjoy.

5. The Simpsons hit 20 years on TV. I remember I was alive when they started and I watched the Tracey Ullman show back in Kuwait (where I grew up) This entry comes courtesy of Craig Crumpton’s blog Voice Actors in the News which is celebrating is 10+ year anniversary as a blog. Check it out and compliment Craig on his brand new Blog Header.

6. Just yesterday I updated TVE (That’s Taji’s Voice Emporium’s) free VO tutorials section and added a whole slew of video tutorials by Terry Daniels… This next article is by Terry Daniels and is called Voiceovers Recording Room Preparation Tips.

7. Last but not least. I have been adding more sites to the VO directory project I started last year. Check it out here we are now at 230 voice over casting websites. YEAY!

That’s it for now folks.



  1. It takes one to know one… My family would agree with you, Taji: there’s definitely something weird going on in my house, and it’s probably me.

    I always find willing and unwilling guinea pigs to test out my character voices. And if no one happens to be home, I even talk to myself. Hey, I have the best excuse in the world: I’m a voice-over actor!

    Meanwhile, I am working on another installment of my series inspired by “Kitchen Nightmares”, so, stay in touch with the Dutch!

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    1. That’s more like it Bettye! That old site of yours was too 1997 for someone of your professional stature! The new site looks great.
      I’ll add your webinar to the calendar section on the site… in the resources section


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