Bits & Pieces Part Quatre – Video edition

Morning Folks,

Welcome to my forth installment of Bits and Pieces where I go around the web and bring you information relevant to the voice over industry or just stuff I find kinda cool.

This time I will be posting interesting video posts that I found entertaining¬† or beneficial… Enjoy:

1. The Vendor / Client Relationship (off of Bob Souer’s blog)

2. Setting up an e-commerce website in 5 minutes (off of’s website)
This video is relevant to the last series of articles I wrote about setting up a more secure (technically and financially) way of delivering your final audio work

3. Here are a couple of videos from Voice Overist Philip Banks… I grew up in british school (which is to say I attended a british curriculum school) until the age of 15 so its always nice to meet a Briton who can make me laugh (other than Douglas Adams)

4. Interview with Canadian voice over Artist David Kaye

Voice Over Artist, David KayeThe best video clips are right here

5. Beau Weaver Voice Over Studio Tour

Thats it for now… if you like any of this… drop me a comment, send money or adopt me (if you’re rich and can afford it). You’ll have to duke it out with my parents (who thankfully are very much alive alhamdullilah) and we can sell the tickets and all be rich (or richer in my adoptive parents case).



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  1. Taji:

    The client/vendor relationship video was the best & really made me laugh. It’s kinda sad in a way cuz it is oh so true & we have to deal with it a lot in our biz don’t we. Anyhow, I hope you are doing well & THX again for the smile.

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