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G’morning people! Rise and shine,

I got updates for you … voice over bits and pieces:

1. The Voice Over Directory Project :


has broken the 100 link barrier (I think I’m at 115 VO sites right now) also people please don’t get upset if I don’t include your personal voice over sites in there… this is for castings sites… places where voice over artists like you and I can go and register and possibly get jobs. If I was making a directory with people’s names in it I’d put my own site now wouldnt I? If you know of any other voice casting sites that I might have missed… please inform me.

2. Don’t forget to check My 2nd podcast (The Voice for those with Voices)

That’s the post immediately before this one the podcast quality is cleaner and hopefully less metallic

3. The 3rd and 4th part of the podcasts from this post :

Voice Registry Podcast-Tracy Pattin Talks To Top Audio Book Narrator, Scott Brick

are up… here they are

Podcast part 3

Podcast part 4

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so you can get alerts by Mail whenever I update my blog. I try not to be too erratic about my post updates but if you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the posts its best that you register here:

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5. Check out the latest edition of Julie Williams’ VoiceOver Insider magazine

Paul Strikwerda of the DoubleDutch blog (who hasn’t forgiven me for the Austin Powers reference just yet) left a comment recently that might be of interest to you… here’s a tidbit:

” A few days ago, I read the latest edition of Julie Williams’ VoiceOver Insider magazine ( http://voice-overs.com/MAY09VOI.pdf). If you’re curious about how much the average voice-over talent makes, it will give you some answers.

Over a quarter of those surveyed make less than $10,000 per year. On the top end of the scale, 8% makes between $100,000 and $200,000 per year and a lucky 2,6% makes more than $200,000 off their vocal chords. A third of all the respondents have been in this business for 10-25 years. Imagine being in the biz for a quarter of a century, and still scrambling to get a gig! ”

you can visit Julie’s site at Http://www.voice-overs.com or check out her latest  Voice Over insider magazine at the link Paul wrote above.

6. Don’t forget that you can now reach Taji’s Voice Emporium by typing in WWW.VOICEEMPORIUM.COM (thats two “ee”s)

This is old news but it never hurts to remind the old readers and inform the new readers that you either subscribe to my RSS feed or memorize this nifty URL www.voiceemporium.com. I don’t always talk about voice … but I’ll sure keep you entertained!


Thats it for now… Please leave a comment if you have anything to add.

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