Bits and Pieces Take III

Morning folks,

Since I don’t have anything to write about today I decided to make it a bits and pieces post. As some of you might know that is when I go through the intertubes and get you interesting voice over related news that you might find amusing:
1. My friend and fellow Canadian  Douglas DeNance sent me a tweet today with an interesting link for something called Voice Over Star this is a voice over competition that promises $1,000 to the winner and is run by a company called desktop epics… go to the link to register if you are interested in this

2. Congratulations to our very own Paul Strikwerda for winning top prize at a testimonial writing competition. Paul’s prize is a $500 certificate to audio provider Sound Water and press promotion through Paul Don’t forget us when you’re rich and famous 😉

3. I have started a voice over casting group on linkedin called Taji’s Voice Over Casting Group yes I know the name is original and should win prizes in the next county fair . Click the link and join the group. Everyone is welcome (except you… yeah you in the back)

4. For those of you who might be marginally interested. I decided to build a second website (the first being my own personal website) and I called it and will use it as an information portal for potential clients who might be interested in learning more about the Arabic language and what they might need in their upcoming projects. I’m regularly inundated with more or less the same questions … this way I can just give them a link instead of having to write the same thing over and over.

5. Voice Over Master and fellow blogger Mr. Bob Souer recently updated his website from the slightly drab white and blue to the more fab site you can see here this is a good move on Bob’s part cause the old site was getting a little long in the tooth. The upgrade also includes his boblog. Good On Ya Mate! Also while I’m at it… here’s an interview with Bob conducted by Tracy Pattin

6. Rob Lee (The Mythbuster’s Narrator) tweets that fellow mythbuster Kari Byron gave birth to little baby Stella. Congrats Kari and Thanks for keeping us in the loop Rob! and discovering something to do while you commute.

7. Fellow Blogger and VO business man Peter O’Connell recently sent out a Media Release Announcing the formation of O’Connell Communications LLC. which is an umbrella company that will serve as the Mother company for his 4 existing companies. You can read the media release here.

8. Jacob Horney of VoiceArchive wrote an article that was included in his company’s latest newletter… its Called “Getting your room Acoustics right” and gives you practical advice on fixing any acoustic issues you might have in your home studio. You can read the article here.

9. I wanted to implement a Pay It Forward System so that we may help voice over talent who might be having problems or need advice. If any of my readers can suggest some kind of Pay It Forward System I am open for suggestions. It has to be free and it has to be something you give willingly for the betterment of our brethren in the industry.

that’s it for now.

Live long and prosper,



  1. So does hitting the top of your list make me an official “roving reporter” for Taji’s Voice Emporium? And to your point about Pay it Forward – your living it, bro. What do you think the raw “real-ness” of your writing does for the voice community? Helps us all to stay humble and true because we know Taji’s vigilance is there. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Doug… you’re encouragement is always appreciated!

    I was thinking of using the term Voice Over Sentinel (so yeah I read allot of comics) and although the sentinels were bad guys in the Marvel comics… I like the idea of someone watching over the industry and taking it to task… I don’t much like the term watchdog…

    Regarding the Pay it Forward system… I want other people to join in… I’m doing what I can… and I don’t mind investing the time… but I’d like some of the more seasoned veterans to give back by adopting one of the younger generation. Or giving basic seminars… or even writing guest columns on my blog… whatever they are able to do will be sufficient to “Pay it forward”

    I don’t have many ideas other than the blog and the directory (and I’ve adopted those as my PIF projects) what else can people (other than me) do to help?

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