Bits And Pieces – Part Trois

Morning Folks,

I don’t have much to say this fine Tuesday morning so I’ve decided to run one of my Bits and Pieces posts. For those who are new to my blog and don’t know what that is… its when I get voice over related posts and news from around the interwebs and collect them all in one area… For your viewing pleasure:

1. I got the following email from Voice Over Actor and Coach Donna S. Highfill telling me of her new studio… here is what she said:

Hey there – thought you might like to see my latest 5 minute video on how salespeople sell in a tough economy. I offer three quick points . . .just click on this link:
2. A few days back I got an email from VO great Bettye Zoller … its a long email and you can probably get the details on Bettye’s blog at
Here are some of the highlights:
  • CARTOONS, CHARACTERS, & OTHER CRAZY PEOPLE! In Dallas on September 5-6.
  • BUSINESS OF VOICEOVERS WORKSHOP In Dallas on October 10th .
  • VOICE ACTING TECHNIQUES FOR TODAY in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 17th at University of Tulsa

3. Voice Over Actor and Radio personality Wendy Edwards has started a new online magazine. She’s very excited about this new project and would love for you to visit her online mag!

4. Last week (I guess) the 14th Annual International Radio Creative and Production Summit hosted by Dan O’Day was held. The event was documented by Voice Over great Bob Souer on his blog. It’s got pictures and everything! He seems to have enjoyed himself and done some siteseeing he he was out in LA where the summit was being held.

5. Peter O’Connell wrote an interesting article about my favorite canceled animated TV show Futurama called Futurama has a future apparently fox is bringing back the show which is great for fans like myself who were devastated by its initial cancellation.

6. Here is a funny article by British Voice Overist (as he calls himself) Philip Banks about getting recognition as a voice over artist out of the blue. The article is called Did I tell you about my fan?

7. Kevin Delaney is a Voice over actor and coach who also runs a blog called Voiceover Ninja. He recently had one of his podcasts featured on The podcast is called Reaching The Next Level and talks about pushing your career forward and out of a possible plateau that you might have reached.

Thats it for now. I hope this news was both entertaining and useful. Right about now I have my application filled and ready to email but would like to think about the case a little more and weigh my options.

Be Good To Each other.

Mahmoud Taji