Bits And Pieces – Part Deux

Writing a regular blog post isn’t easy work… It can be at times… I mean something could trigger a 1200 word post out of no where. Its all about what happened to me that day or something that was bothering me and then suddenly reached critical mass and had to be written.

Which is why I came up with the Bits and pieces posts which allow me to give you a list of things that I found interesting but I don’t have that much to say about. They might have relevance to the VO industry and might just be things that touched me in my personal life. Either way I’ll try to keep things interesting:

What I do:

1. I finally saw the movie Marley & Me with my wife. I’m not a dog person so the story of the dog didn’t really effect me… although I did shed a few tears at the end ( I don’t want to ruin the movie for others so I wont go into details) The thing that struck me the most about that movie is the similarity between what I do and what a Columnist does. I write about the world around me but not so much as a reporter but as someone who is part of the story. I never wanted to be a reporter… I have a journalism degree but after attending a lecture once where a foreign correspondent from a major news outlet  told us that you will find many reporters who make up news so that they can bring attention to themselves… and some of them have actually created international incidents out of thin air… like the movie wag the dog. I (being the idealistic university student back then) stood up and asked the man… are you telling me that we are taking this course (It was an Journalistic Ethics Course that this lecture was a part of) so you can tell me that this is regular practice? That ethics is almost an afterthought to the majority of journalists? And he said unfortunately yes… I told him… thank you for clarifying that… I do not wish to be a part of your profession… birds of a feather and all that… and I walked out.

So here I am now… 14 years later… older and possibly wiser I shifted my concentration to Advertising and went into that field…  a little too much detail I know… but now I have a better understanding of who I am when I write this blog… I am myself.

Deals Deals Deals

2. are offering $50 off on their memberships… I got this in the mail:

Save $50 What are you waiting for? Get on board at VOplanet to start auditioning TODAY! You could be our next VOplanet All Star!
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Offer Expires: 5/29/09

Now I feel that VOplanet is a little different to the other casting sites in that you are dealing directly with a real Honest-To-God agent. I don’t feel that with the 2 other Vees as I like to call them (you know who I mean and I know the emails that are sent out to you are signed off at the end … but I feel they’re automated not personal) They might not be the biggest site or the most diverse but they are still way better paying and they treat you like a mom and pops store would (lavish attention on you… and who doesn’t want that?).
They might not be the best place for me to get Arabic voice over work but Gosh darn it they might be for you (english niche folk) so if you’re interested tell Michelle & Donna I sent you.

3. For those interested in promoting themselves have a special offer that will end soon so if you got the cash and want another venue to promote yourself … here are the deets:

Memorial Day Weekend Discount
on Select Membership!

The Memorial Day Weekend Discount ends tomorrow night (Tuesday, May 26) at 11:59 pm!

Upgrade to a Select Membership for only $99.99/year rather than the normal price of $149.99/year at

Brazilian Genius

4. This has nothing to do with VO but I saw this today and it blew me away! such a simple idea and so practicle and energy efficient…

Free Courses

5. I hope this doesnt come too late but I do think you guys should be aware of it:

Also from

We’re pleased to bring you a…
Free Teleseminar with David Goldberg!

David Goldberg, founder of Edge Studio, will offer a FREE voiceover tele-seminar only for members of on Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 9:30 p.m. (Eastern).

A way to promote yourself

6. Ok so it doesn’t seem like many of you are interested in helping me expand the Voice Over Directory that I started. So I’ll give you incentive… if you can provide me with at least 3 new sites that are not on my list then I will include your personal site in a new section on that page that I will call the Directory Contributors Section. you can twitter me the links @mahmoudtaji if you like or send them as a message on voiceover-casting… but you get to promote your own website using this method. Happy?


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