Bicentennial Post & Announcement

Greetings Dear Readers!

Today is a two fold celebration as I have 2 things that I am happy to announce.

Bicentennial Post for TVE!

The first is that this is the 200th post for Taji’s Voice Emporium. It’s now been around 14 months since the launch of the blog and in the last 3.2 months since the relaunch alone we’ve had around 6800 hits on the blog.  Couple that with the 17,000 hits we had last year and we’re not doing so badly! Especially since this blog is for such a niche market.

My deepest gratitude to all my regular readers and to my contributors for making the last 14 months of my life both enjoyable and satisfying.

The Voiceover Casting Directory

The page with the most hits (after the home page) was the Voiceover Casting Directory and although I can only take credit for coming up with the idea and maybe compiling a chunk of it … I think a big thank you has to go out to the many voiceover professionals who were kind enough to contribute their collected lists to help in the compilation of the directory.

Since January the directory has gotten 780 hits.

Scam Alert Section

Since starting this blog I’ve been fortunate enough to meet (virtually) with several hundred amazing voiceover professionals and one of the things that came up every once in a while was the problem of scammers swindling voiceover artists and taking advantage of the fact that modern day business for many voiceover artists is largely done over the internet.

The Scam Alert section has been up on TVE since January but it seems that a few voiceover artists are still have problems. Also in the past month or so a surge of activity has occurred with the emergence of the Voiceover Workshop Scam (which is an email that was sent out to most voiceover artists by someone claiming to want to attend a workshop and wishing to come have those lessons in your personal studio!). Because of this surge in activity I found that having scam submissions take place in a blog comments section is not at all beneficial because not everyone will have the patience to wade through 50 comments on a post to find out the names of new scammers.

Which made me think of setting up the TVE forum (what I blogged about in the last post)

The forum is open to everyone as long as you register and you are welcome to send me emails with any suggetions for opening new forum sections if you think they would be either helpful or fun for other artists.

Taji’s Directory Project

A couple months back I said I would be opening my own online voiceover business directory. I had already purchased the name ever since the Frankenstein articles and I figured I wouldn’t let the domain go to waste.

So that is what I called my Voiceover Professionals Directory… The Voiceover Pavilion the pavilion has 4 different packages… all ridiculously cheap and all membership accounts lasting 1 year. Here is a listing of the 4 different packages that I am including in my directory so far:

as you can see the packages start from $5 for the Zen package… which is basically gives you:

  • A homepage listing
  • An email address
  • SaVoa number (if you are a member)

to $52.49 which gives you:

  • Multiple category submissions (3 categories)
  • A featured Status
  • Image uploads
  • Twitter listing
  • LinkedIn Account Listing
  • SaVoa Number
  • Address
  • Email
  • 3 voice demos
  • Blog URL
  • Telephone listing
  • Google Map location

If you would like to take a look at a sample listing check out my personal listing.

One of the cool features of The Voiceover Pavilion is the fact that you can advertise in specific categories. So if you wish to advertise in the ISDN section then your advert will only appear whenever someone clicks that category.  The price list for the advertising

Currently I only accept payment via Paypal so if you don’t have an account with them… I suggest you get one. I am trying to get Interac payment going on the site for my Canadian Peeps … but that might take a few weeks or so to arrange.

If you have any suggestions for any additional categories for The Voiceover Pavilion you can email them to me at the following address:

All the best!



  1. Hi Taji. Just curious why you don’t have a “Commercial” listing in your directory? I’ll be looking forward to getting involved. 🙂 All the best, — Jodi

  2. Congratulations on your bicentennial post, Taji! You have many ways to make your voice heard, and you do it very well.

    Suggestions for additional Pavillion categories:

    -Demo production
    -Voice direction
    -On-camera acting (some vo’s do double duty)

    I would change VO Dialects to Accents.

    Best of luck with the Pavilion!

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