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Morning Folks,

Finally got back from my vacation in Jordan. Saw most of my family members there… went with my wife on a mini trip to Aqaba (I’ll post pictures later) and overall I tried to chill.

Articles and posts will resume shortly while I take care of bills and VO auditions that clients where kind enough to wait for until I got back from my vacation.

I did try to keep tabs on the industry while I was away (hence the SAVOA article) but there are a number of other things I want to talk about in the coming weeks:

1. Video Demos

2. This whole union vs. non-union thing that is causing quite a stir state side…. I don’t know if there is any international voice over unions… I know there is a union in canada … of which I am not a member.

3. A VO tutorial listing (yet another project)

It’s kind of good to be back… but I kind of miss how clean Jordan’s streets are… And the driving… I miss having rules when I drive.

later gaters.



  1. Can’t really say I’m glad to be home since Jordan is much cleaner than Egypt. But until further notice Egypt is home and is much cheaper than Jordan.
    Congrats on your new citizenship btw!

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