Annual Vacation

Morning Folks,

Just a quick note to tell you I’ll be on vacation starting tomorrow (Friday) and for the next 2 weeks. I can’t promise there will be any updates because I am unsure of my internet connectivity where I’m going but I’ll definitely be making regular trips to internet cafes to check up on the subscriptions and upkeep.

I’ll probably be reviewing a few products when they arrive (I’ve ordered a few voiceover related products online and hope they arrive in Cairo by the time I’m back from my trip.

The list includes:

1. Red100 mic enhancer from studiospares

2. CEntrance MicPortPro

3. Universal Shock Mount

4. Magic Jack (a VoIP product)

5. A Dozen White tube Socks (because that’s how I like them)

I had a few ideas for articles and was preparing to write them but honestly I ran out of time… I have to prepare for my trip and tomorrow I’ll be flying out inshallah (God Willing).

I hope you like my latest iteration of the Emporium Logo in Black & White… inspired by sailor tattoos and fax machine compatible logos.

Later Y’all



  1. Best wishes for a marvelous ‘break’ Taji! Will you be traveling to where the temperature is mild or hot?


    1. Thanks Dan!
      It’ll be hot at the beaches and cold up in the mountains… and I’ll be visiting both. But it should be allot milder than Cairo.. that’s for sure.

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