An Email From Bettye Zoller

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Folks,

I got an email from Bettye Zoller late yesterday asking me to tell you guys of a few projects she’s involved in and would like me to tell you about:

1. VoiceOverXtra Webinar

On November the 19th John Florian from will be holding a voice over webinar at these times:

6 pm pacific,

7 pm mountain,

8pm central,

9 pm eastern

The webinar is not for free… it will cost  $39.95 to enroll in the webinar and you can do so at John’s website

Basically the webinar will be Video via the web and audio via phone … so I guess long distance charges will apply.

This will be the first of a number of webinar series and will have guest speaker Bettye Zoller discussing the topic:

My topic is “Getting Started in Voiceovers and Growing Your Career

The Webinar will last one hour or more and then the students will be allow at least thirty more minutes for questions/answers.

2. Italy

Bettye Mentions in her email that she will be in Rome Italy arriving April 13 and staying there through April 17.

She would very much like to teach a voiceover evening class in Rome on the night of April 15 or 16 and is asking if any of our italian voice over talent readers might know anyone who might be able to help her and enroll this class for her.

This is a paying gig of course, People would be able to enroll on her website if she sees appropriate interest in this Class.

So guys… if you are italian or have contacts in italy you can contact Bettye through me ( I don’t want to post her private email and end up with her inbox getting flooded with Junk Mail) me email is listed on the side bar of this blog to the right


I gotta get back to some voice over work prep so I hope you guys can find some benefit from Bettye Zoller’s years of experience and join her in her webinar.

On a side note… if anyone has some voice over related news that they would like to mention to me readers please forward it to me and I’ll give it a mention in one of my blog posts.