How To Learn Any Accent

Today’s post was inspired by that first youtube video I posted yesterday for Ms. Amy Walker accent maestro extraordinaire. The woman shifts from accent to accent seamlessly… and although she is able to perform 21 different accents. Some of her accents are much better than others.

Apparently Ms. Walker has a website dedicated to teaching people how to speak in different accents… And in our business ‘ a definite plus to landing more jobs. Personally I wish I could do a light British one (where as on a more personal note I would much prefer knowing how to speak the welsh for some bizarre reason) and Australian… again I dont know why! but anyway Ms. Walker has a lessons for speaking with a British one and the australian one (not the welsh though … unfortunately for me).

In today’s post I will showcase her 2 first lessons on how to learn any accent then give you a link to her website to go wild and teach yourself how to speak many more other accents

Part 1 of the lesson:

And Part 2:

You can visit Amy’s accent’s website here


  1. Thanks! This is awesome! I learn my accents by listening to sound bytes as well as some of the IPA (not the beer, LOL)stuff I try to remember so I will be spending some time on her site for sure.

    You always give us the greatest stuff on your blog!

  2. Thanks Donna,

    I just emailed Amy to see if she could possibly join our site and maybe give some seminars on Accent. Or if she is so inclined provide us with one on one accent coaching for a fee.

    We’ll see if that interests her. whatever the case… the girl’s got talent!


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