Adobe Audition Plugins for VO professionals


Morning Folks, today’s post will be a quick tutorial on how to use a few of the more important Adobe Audition plugins for us Voice Over Artists.

As voice over artists who work through the internet we are often forced to be our own sound engineers… and I have often praised Adobe’s Audition software (formerly Cool Edit Pro) which I have been using for years now in all its previous iterations. This tutorial is targeted toward a) people who own this software (obviously) and b) voice over talent who would like to learn more about the plugins that could possibly improve their recording quality.

I will start with the RESTORATION plugin that is under the Effects menu. This contains several very important plugins that could help reduce any native microphone noise (you know the constant hum or hiss that some microphones have… the Samson C01 is notorious for) now the most advanced yet simplest plugin to use to eliminate some of the more outstanding noise is the Adaptive Noise Reduction plugin

This plugin is pretty easy to use and comes with a number of presets that might help you eliminate some of that nasty hum or hiss from your VO recording.

this is what the plugin panel looks like:


You have to be somewhat careful with the settings on the adaptive one because it works on a special algorithm that you change every time you mess with the different settings like signal threshold and spectral decay rate… the most noticeable sign that you overdid using this plugin is a certain tinny-ness to the sound and the “s” will sound completely wrong and robotic… use but don’t abuse! There is an option in Adobe Audition to have the adaptive noise reduction feature running in real time while you record if you are recording using the multi-track feature… please note that this is processor intensive and if you have an oldish computer will probably not work very well for you… but simply what this means is that you can record and automatically have the recording run through the filter.

Next up is the Noise Reduction (process) plugin


you will notice that this plugin as the word process between brackets… and this basically means that this you can use this plugin with a captured noise profile… what does that mean!!! well basically it means you have to do something called Capture Noise Reduction Profile by highlighting a place in the recording where you are not talking… where there is just the ambient noise around you like the sound of your computer fan or the sound of your microphone or anything else that might be constant…. this way you can capture those noises and tell the plugin to eliminate anything that sounds like that from the recording… please note that to use this plugin effectively you will need to leave about 9 seconds of ambient noise recording before you begin talking… this helps build a better noise profile. Here is where you will find the noise profile command:


again use this with care.. having a plugin like this doesnt mean that you can record your voice over in a room full of kids and eliminate them from your recording by recording 9 seconds of them screaming… seriously that’s not gonna happen… all this plugin can do is get you a lower noise decibel level.

you can also use the Capture Noise Reduction Profile with the Hiss reduction plugin the Click/Pop Eliminator and the clip resotoration plugins (you should know where to find those by now).

I think thats enough tutorial time for us today… I hope you enjoyed the lesson and found it beneficial… If you like this tutorial drop me a line and I’ll prepare another Adobe Audition tutorial. If not I’ll get lazy and work on something else!


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