The Man Behind the Blog

Mahmoud Taji is a veteran Arabic Language VO artist a veteran Art Director and general all around Bad Ass. He lives in Cairo, Egypt because it is the most polluted city in the world (Go Cairo!) has been in numerous fights… and doesn’t like Racism, Discrimination or Xenophobia. He currently holds the position of Creative Director and International Business Development Manager at the Advertising company he works for.

More Useless Information.

Mr. Taji  has a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and until this blog … almost never used his degree. He currently works as a Creative Director in an Advertising Company (ok maybe used his degree a little).


Mahmoud is Muslim which means he follows the religion of Islam… if you would like to know more about Islam Click Here.

This is mentioned because most of Taji’s writings will take a perspective deeply rooted in the Islamic faith. Islam forbids him from lying, stealing, betraying and breaking his word. Mahmoud finds that this is an almost universally accepted paradigm in the Voice Over world. So when he comes across a situation where something outside the norm presents itself. He will write about it and will use his faith as his moral compass and guide.

Blog Rules
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  • Second Rule of Emporium… Don’t Piss Taji Off.
  • You will be courteous and civil in the comments section.
  • If you would like to contribute with an article… send it to Taji and he’ll look it over.
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Anything Else?

That’s pretty much it. Taji is available for consultation work so if you have a project (voice over related or otherwise) and would like Mahmoud to take a look and make suggestions then you can reach him through the contact page.