A Little Bird Told me

Kind of a waste using that title for a short post like this.

But I got a message over twitter yesterday ( I think it was yesterday) from username Travsonic … who are actually TravSonic Studios… this is what they sent me:

We are updating our voice-over talent directory. If you are a pro talent and would like to be added, please send us a message with info.

Their website is http://www.travsoniconline.com/ and you can contact them and add yourself asap.

I’ll be adding their URL to the VO directory for reference.



  1. So you hit 100 and now it’s all advertising messages?
    C’mon Taji this is not like you at all.
    You actually had a great 99th and a pretty good 100th posting.
    These last 3 are… I’ll stop now before I say too much.

  2. Oh so you want all my posts to be articles written by me? heheh… buddy I wish… it takes time to come up with ideas for posts holmes. These are not adverts… just news that might interest people in the Voice Over business. which is what my blog revolves around.. I don’t have to write up Eeeevery post… They’d fire me from my day job!

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