A Coupla Things

Morning Folks,

I felt that I was going to be sick today… and couldn’t sleep the night because of a throat infection. My voice is surprisingly hanging on… but I think I might have to let it rest for the next couple of days.

The weather in Egypt has been really erratic of late and that shows in how many people are getting the flu.

The Mecca is for Muslims

Aaaanyway… I have a couple of announcements for today. The first is that I am waiting for my Visa from the Saudi Arabian Embassy to be issued. It’s not definite but me and my family (wife and daughter) might be flying over to Mecca and Medina in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the Term the Mecca of (such and such) well I’m actually hoping to visit THE actual place (again) this would be my third time there. The first time I visited Mecca (I’ve supplied an image) was during  my Major Pilgrimage back in 2005/2006. You are required to go on a Major Pilgrimage (or Hajj) at least once in your life (for those that can afford it) and Hajj is only to Mecca.

But this time I will be going on a Minor Pilgrimage (shorter, less arduous) now if you take a look at the image I supplied you will notice all these concentric circles made up of dots. Those dots are actual human beings (just to show you the scale of the place… and why the term.. the mecca of … was coined).

During the Hajj Season (Major Pilgrimage) upwards of 3 million people congregate in Mecca. The numbers unofficially sometimes reach 5 million.

If you have any questions on islam… first check my Discover Islam page and if you would like some more info you can always contact me directly.

Keeping an Eye on Things

Because I will be busy in Mecca I probably won’t be able to update my blog during the 10 days I will be gone (if, God Willing, I get the Visa) so I apologize in advance for the interruption but regular blog posts will resume once I get back from Saudi (inshallah [ God Willing])

I had planned to make a followup article on being self-employed as it seems to have been quite the popular article. So I’ll set that up once I get back and I still have an article From the folks at Such A Voice about more Pro Tools Goodness.

People Joining the Pavilion

For those interested in getting themselves listed on The Voiceover Pavilion I will try to check my emails once a day to approve listings etc. So Don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging. I just won’t have time to write articles for the blog.

I might also be traveling to Turkey for business… I don’t know if this will happen but if it does I’ll try to meet with some of my VO peeps in Istanbul.

That’s pretty much it… If you want to ask something or would like to submit an article to be published on the Voice Emporium forward the articles to me for consideration.

I’ll leave it at that… If the Visa Doesn’t come through. Such is the will of Allah and lest ye hate something and God has in it much good.