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Within The Shadow Of Revolution

Within The Shadow Of Revolution

I haven’t written in a while and if you have been following global news at all you would know that part of it is because the country I currently reside in just went through what they have fondly called here the Lotus Revolution.

This is not unique to Egypt (where I reside) rather Egypt was the second country in what seems to be a cascading domino phenomenon going through the region. It started with Tunisia and with their success the youth of Egypt realized that they too can live free or die trying to achieve that goal.

Tunisia’s leader had been in power for around 23 years. The Egyptian president was in power for 30 and the threat of his Son inheriting the proverbial throne was a real one. It had already happened in the region. Syria’s Hafiz El-Assad left Syria to his son Bashaar and people in Egypt were on edge because if Hosni (the current president back then) was bad… his son (Gamal) would be 1000 times worse.

I have always scoffed at the idea that the Middle East was a dangerous place. I mean I was more in direct danger in Michigan USA than I ever was in any country in the Middle East. I have been in fights in the Middle East… but never been mugged or Burgled (alhamdullilah… Thank God) so its kind of an eye opener to find myself part of the Community Protection Patrol that was setup by my neighbors. Protecting our property from thugs and hooligans the old regime had let out of prisons on purpse to cause havoc and terror.

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Silence of the Worms - NVR

Silence of the Worms – NVR

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June 1, 2010  |  Articles, None Voice Related, Taji Related Incidents & Experience  |  Comments Off on Silence of the Worms – NVR


As a few of you might know, I am Palestinian. The blood running through my veins might have some mixed Arab ancestry but the town my father was born in and his father and their fathers for centuries are, for now,  under occupation.

It’s one of the last places in the civilized world where one group of people still occupies another. I am neither from Gaza (although my Aunt’s husband is from there and she still lives there) nor am I from the West Bank (although I have family living there as well). No I am from the bit right in the middle where an invading people in 1948 decided to evict the local populace.

Which makes me a refugee.

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Pictures of a Pilgrimage (NVR)

Pictures of a Pilgrimage (NVR)

May 10, 2010  |  None Voice Related  |  4 Comments

As promised the following are images of my trip to the Holy cities of Makkah and Madina. During this visit I made a Minor Pilgrimage (Umrah in arabic).

I’m sure some of these images will seem quite exotic to you so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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NVR: New Dr. Who Trailer - Season 5 and other stuff

NVR: New Dr. Who Trailer – Season 5 and other stuff

February 3, 2010  |  None Voice Related  |  5 Comments

One of the perks of having your own blog on your own server is blogging about whatever the heck you want to. I was introduced to Dr. Who back in 2005 when the BBC reintroduced the series … updated, revamped and wicked entertaining.

Here is the latest trailer for Dr. Who … with the new guy (Matt Smith) that replaced David Tennant.

Like every new incarnation of the Dr. I begin with hating the new guy… accepting him… then feeling sad that they’ve decided to leave the show.

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Taji's Frankenstein Monster: The Perfect Vo Casting Site

Taji’s Frankenstein Monster: The Perfect Vo Casting Site

So let’s (for the sake of argument) say that you and I are partnering together on a business venture. We are going to build the perfect Voice Over Casting Site.

It’ll be a Pay-To-Play site… and it will be an amalgamation of the best parts of all the voice over casting websites that are on the market these days… so It’s a Frankenstein’s monster (remember Frankie was the doctor… his creation was the monster) consisting of the best from,, &

What would it be like? What would it have?

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