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On The Rode To Completion, Assembling Taji's Studio

On The Rode To Completion, Assembling Taji’s Studio

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May 15, 2011  |  Articles, Taji Related Incidents & Experience, unboxing  |  Comments Off on On The Rode To Completion, Assembling Taji’s Studio

Living in Egypt has its advantages and disadvantages.

Gasoline is cheap, Advantage.

Family is near, Advantage.

Weather is Sunny, Advantage.

Voiceover Equipment hard to come by, DisAdvantage.

Yes I type funny and I uppercase letters that don’t need it. But I try to write the way I speak so if you’ve ever heard me talk (there are a few podcasts and interviews you can listen to with me on them) then you would know why I type the way I do.

Anyway I digress. So back to our story. Living in Egypt has its occasional pros and cons. I can’t say that without mentioning the revolution the country (and myself) just went through. But I’m of the opinion that the revolution will change things and allow more products and consumer goods reach the general public here.

One of the biggest obstacles I have had to overcome through the years with regards to being an independent voiceover professional has been the ability to put together a decent studio.

Almost every single piece of equipment I have as part of my audio arsenal (with the exception of my mic stands) where purchased from abroad. Either the US or England.

My microphones had to be brought back to me from the US by friends visiting North America, My reflection or reflexion filter was brought back by a couple visiting family in the UK. Trying to find an Auralex supplier in Egypt has been an ongoing nightmare.

I’ve tried to be as cost effective as I possibly can but in the end the issue is as simple as … this item is not sold here… you will have to order it from abroad.

And buying anything from abroad means shipping and customs.

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