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Introducing ipDTL,  Recording Evolved

Introducing ipDTL, Recording Evolved


Earlier this year I received an email from one of my voiceover agents in the UK asking me to run a test with them on a new internet based ISDN replacement technology called ipDTL. All I needed was a good microphone, a decent internet connection and a chrome browser. The session went smoothly and my agent was pleased that I was able to achieve ISDN level quality on a wireless connection on my Mac Mini.

Ever the inquisitive type I decided to read up on this ipDTL (If I could get the letters in the right order) and decided that there wasn’t enough material to sate my curiosity. On an impulse I visited the website for the company behind ipDTL (a UK startup called In:Quality) and sent them off a message. CEO and founder of In:Quality Kevin Leach was kind enough to get back in touch with me forthwith and agreed to an interview that I present to you kind folks of the Voiceover  inclination.

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The Big Purple Guy Speaks To Taji

The Big Purple Guy Speaks To Taji

January 1, 2010  |  Articles, Interviews  |  3 Comments

Hello Friends, Readers, Peoples of the World,

Welcome to the first article on my new revamped and revitalized blog Taji’s Voice Emporium. There are a few new features so take a look around and if you get a chance send me an email or leave a comment and tell me what you think of the new layout.

For the first post in the new location I have decided to interview one of the most recognized voices in the English speaking world. You might not necissarily be a big fan yourself but I’m pretty sure that someone in your house was pretty addicted to his voice and in turn his show for a few years.

In fact my 2 year old daughter is watching one of his episodes as I type this.  He’s done a duet with Dolly Parton and his current job has taken him all around the globe .

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Europe's First Voice Over Market Place – Taji Interviews's Armin Hierstetter

September 4, 2009  |  Articles, Casting Sites, Interviews  |  10 Comments

Goodmorning Readers,

Today we have a special guest with us. All the way from Munich, Germany  Mr. Armin Hierstetter CEO and Founder of Europe’s First Voice Over Marketplace

Mr. Hierstetter has been quite busy since the launch of back in January of 2008… This intro was written after I conducted the interview and I have to say Armin reveals quite a few surprises. Stick around this is going to be interesting!

Also Please note that there is a podcast of this interview (that you can listen to) at the end of the article… so if you would rather listen to the whole interview instead of read it scroll down to the bottom of the interview and click play.

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