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Working Within The Cloud With Google Docs

Working Within The Cloud With Google Docs

April 27, 2011  |  Articles, Edumification, How To Articles  |  4 Comments

At the end of December of every year I Audit my Voiceover Business and review all the earnings.

In the first few years the process was very amateurish. I would not put expenditures into account and so my main focus was on how much I made as opposed to the proper review of what is coming in vs. what is going out.

To make matters worse I was only auditing my earnings through PayPal. Not the payments made via bank transfer or via western union.

So obviously I needed to come up with a better way of tracking everything.

Working In The Cloud

The Cloud is an IT catch phrase that means storage on the Internet. But it doesn’t just mean storage as in keeping documents out there. It also includes the use of applications that are web based and therefore accessible from any computer with a browser anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

That makes internet based email clients like Gmail and hotmail part of the “Cloud” since you can access them and all the emails that they store from your browser.

That also makes twitter a part of the cloud since all your tweets are archived on their server.

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Building a Silent PC by Kevin Powe

Building a Silent PC by Kevin Powe

February 7, 2011  |  How To Articles  |  10 Comments

Hello Folks, Taji here letting you know all is well here in Egypt and that if you want to read about my experiences during the revolution that is happening as I write this then head on over to VoiceOverXtra and read my Article on the matter.

The article below is by a good tweep of mine and I’ve been hounding him for the past few months about completing it so you folks can get the benefit of his experience. Enjoy!


So, about six months ago now, I realized that to make recording voice at home less painful, I wanted a silent PC….

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