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Time To Say Goodbye

Time To Say Goodbye

It’s always sad when a relationship ends. Personal relationships are the worst to get over but even business relationships sometimes can be as upsetting when over.

I used to have an agent in Denmark… they have offices in the UK but their base is in Denmark. When I first got my voiceover business online they were the first people I contacted and the first to give me some good feedback regarding sound quality and delivery.

I remember back then the sound engineer in charge was a brilliant guy called Jacob.

Jacob has since left that agency and gone on to bigger and hopefully better things. But for the past 2 years these guys have sent me work relatively steadily. My agent in charge had left to live in Copenhagen with her boyfriend and a new set of people where placed in charge of me.

The Break Up

During the past 2 years a few things had happened that bothered me. First they had changed their payment policy from payment upon receiving the invoice to net 60… they skipped net 15, net 30, net 45 and went straight to 60. Blamed it on the economic situation and how that SOB Madoff had made our global collective lives hell.

At the time they were a lucrative source of work so I had no option but to say … fine. I hated it to be honest… I hated the fact that they forced this upon me… that by the time my payments came through I had forgotten for what job I had done them for… but hey I’m a professional… these things happen.

A few months after they changed their policy I got an accidental email from one of their agents telling me not to forget to add my paypal fees to the total so they can expedite the payment. The email was supposed to go to someone else.

Wait? So you guys did that? But you never told me that! So now I knew that you can request that your client pay for those transfer fees if this is their preferred method of payment. They said that was not our agreement with you so we will not be adding transfer fees to the total.


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Taji's Frankenstein Monster: The Perfect Vo Casting Site

Taji’s Frankenstein Monster: The Perfect Vo Casting Site

So let’s (for the sake of argument) say that you and I are partnering together on a business venture. We are going to build the perfect Voice Over Casting Site.

It’ll be a Pay-To-Play site… and it will be an amalgamation of the best parts of all the voice over casting websites that are on the market these days… so It’s a Frankenstein’s monster (remember Frankie was the doctor… his creation was the monster) consisting of the best from,, &

What would it be like? What would it have?

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They Are The Imitators... We are the Innovators

They Are The Imitators… We are the Innovators

Morning Compadres,

Today’s blog post title is based on a lyric from a song for a band called My Morning Jacket. It was recently featured in the animated series American Dad… and I found it appropriate to use for this post since we’re talking about Voice Over community sites on the web.

Very recently I got an the following email:

Meet and join to the better website for Voice Talents


Visit the and meet the website that was build in fit for you to disclose yourself.

We don’t talk only your language, we also talk the language of your client (in english, spanish or…

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Europe's First Voice Over Market Place – Taji Interviews's Armin Hierstetter

September 4, 2009  |  Articles, Casting Sites, Interviews  |  10 Comments

Goodmorning Readers,

Today we have a special guest with us. All the way from Munich, Germany  Mr. Armin Hierstetter CEO and Founder of Europe’s First Voice Over Marketplace

Mr. Hierstetter has been quite busy since the launch of back in January of 2008… This intro was written after I conducted the interview and I have to say Armin reveals quite a few surprises. Stick around this is going to be interesting!

Also Please note that there is a podcast of this interview (that you can listen to) at the end of the article… so if you would rather listen to the whole interview instead of read it scroll down to the bottom of the interview and click play.

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Voice123 Seeks World Domination… Needs Minions

July 11, 2009  |  Articles, Casting Sites  |  9 Comments

Ohayou gozaimasu おはようございます,

I got this piece of news today through one of my Voice Over Industry Sentinels. And I gotta say its a doozy… Apparently Voice 123 dot com would like to expand their Voice Over Casting Empire into other languages and locales by creating localized versions of their website… so that not only the english speaking part of the world can suffer through their ridiculous Dumbcast system but they can make other members of the human race suffer in their own respective languages.

I’ll let you read through their proposal … and at the risk of getting some of my less informed readers excited that this is a fair offer… wait until the end of the post to read my comments: Read More