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Another Voice123 PR Debacle

Another Voice123 PR Debacle


So I finally got around to Steven Lowell’s answer to my post Voice123 wants to turn my account inacctive

and loe and behold… I read this in his blog post answer (please keep in mind that he provided this answer to put my mind at ease)

” Now, I am sure that we all like to park ourselves on websites for good exposure, but the plain and simple truth is…You are either in this voice over business or you are not. It is not wise to throw your name on a website with the hopes they will find you, and then, not pay attention to it. You have to be there to answer when someone comes fishing around to offer work for you. In the eyes of those ‘looking for talent’, they have specifically stated they view this as false advertising. ”

First let me define the term Public Relations: Read More

Back To Basics: Microphone Myths

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April 11, 2009  |  Articles, Audio Technology, Back to Basics  |  Comments Off on Back To Basics: Microphone Myths

Hello folks… today’s post comes courtesy of  Shure Microphone’s newsletter… this article appeared in issue #27. some of this stuff is wicked technical… so for those techno-buffs… this is a treat… for those who arent… some of it is actually legible!

Source Shure Notes Issue #27

Debunking Common Audio Myths

When we decided to devote this issue to dispelling common audio myths and legends, we had no trouble impaneling a group of experts. Culled mostly from Shure’s Applications Engineering Group, these individuals devote their days, and sometimes their nights, to setting the record straight. Chief among this talented group is Tim Vear, who served as our primary mythbuster and spokesperson. Read More