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Introducing ipDTL,  Recording Evolved

Introducing ipDTL, Recording Evolved


Earlier this year I received an email from one of my voiceover agents in the UK asking me to run a test with them on a new internet based ISDN replacement technology called ipDTL. All I needed was a good microphone, a decent internet connection and a chrome browser. The session went smoothly and my agent was pleased that I was able to achieve ISDN level quality on a wireless connection on my Mac Mini.

Ever the inquisitive type I decided to read up on this ipDTL (If I could get the letters in the right order) and decided that there wasn’t enough material to sate my curiosity. On an impulse I visited the website for the company behind ipDTL (a UK startup called In:Quality) and sent them off a message. CEO and founder of In:Quality Kevin Leach was kind enough to get back in touch with me forthwith and agreed to an interview that I present to you kind folks of the Voiceover ¬†inclination.

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Quiet on the Set! Say hello to QuietGlue

Quiet on the Set! Say hello to QuietGlue

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January 31, 2012  |  Articles, Audio Technology  |  Comments Off on Quiet on the Set! Say hello to QuietGlue

Back in January of 2010 I wrote an article about a sound absorption product called Green Glue. The point of the article was to bring the product to the attention of my readers (who are mostly voiceover artists or audiophiles) Since many of you are either building yourselves (or others) home studios and / or constantly trying to improve your studio’s sound quality. I figure Taji’s Voice Emporium is the perfect place to showcase some sound isolation products.

Today’s article is not a review since I don’t have access to the product itself … but I thought it only fair that I would write an article about Green Glue’s direct competitor Quiet Glue, especially since many of the people who read the Green Glue article mentioned that there is (in their opinion) a better (and cheaper) product out there that can help with sound isolation / absorption / dampening.

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Game Changer? Introducing Adobe Audition CS5.5

Game Changer? Introducing Adobe Audition CS5.5

On April 11th 2011 and pretty unceremoniously Adobe Systems Inc. decided to release the long awaited upgrade to the Adobe Audition line going from Cs3 to Cs5.5

Version 3 was released 8 November 2007 so its been nearly 4 full years since any upgrade to the application has been made. In the middle Adobe decided to dumb the application down and release it as Adobe Sound Booth an application that at best gave you 50% of audition’s full capabilities.

So why is the article called Game changer? and what’s so special about this Audition release?

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Green Glue - The Soundproof Goo

Green Glue – The Soundproof Goo

January 23, 2010  |  Articles, Audio Technology, Voice Over Misc  |  19 Comments

Khelo… my name is Inego Mantoya… You Keeeld my Father… Prepare to..

Just Kidding.

Today’s post is about a product I’ve heard allot about and is gaining popularity in the Voice Over and Home Studio Industries.

This is not an advertisement and I am not getting paid by these folks but as someone who is constantly trying to improve the sound of his voiceover recording environment by making it quieter and quieter I came across several references to something called Green Glue.

Apparently what this product does is absorb sound and instead of letting it through… it turns it into heat.
According to their website:…

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For Want Of A Nail The Kingdom Was Lost


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There is an old proverb that goes:

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

What I’d like to talk about today is something that affects nearly all of us as Voice Over Artists. We cannot live without it and if its done badly can be one of the most torturous parts of our job.

The Script.

I believe that I recently mentioned that I was in the middle of recording an Audio Book. The script works on my two main strengths… English and Arabic. Its a bilingual text and usually a book like this wouldn’t take me any time at all to record.

Unfortunately, I had not read the full script of the book before accepting the job. I had read the original book in Arabic and thought that I wouldn’t have any problems reading it translated.

Suffice it to say that the book is an excellent Read but was not written to be Read Out Load. When reading a passage to yourself you can always go back and make sense of it … you can do this over and over until the whole structure of the sentence becomes clear to you. Now imagine doing this while recording a 182 page book…. out loud… Doesn’t work. Read More