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Bastion - The Next Step in VG VO

Bastion – The Next Step in VG VO

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June 14, 2012  |  Articles, Review  |  Comments Off on Bastion – The Next Step in VG VO

Bastion is not a new game, it’s been around for maybe a year now. I bought it off Valve’s STEAM marketplace during a sale and I haven’t finished it yet. So don’t spoil it for me.

The game’s controls took me a bit of getting used to because of the weird perspective. Bastion has won numerous awards here and there. For the beauty of the gameplay, the storyline and the graphics.

They were good, but obviously the thing that piqued my attention… was what they’ve done with the VO.

The Narrator
I could write a few paragraphs of praise for the work Logan Cunningham…

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April 10, 2012  |  Articles  |  3 Comments

It came out of no where of course. Completely unexpected.

I got an email from one of my subscribers at the Voiceover Pavilion telling me that something was terribly wrong with the VOP.

When he searched for his name on google his profile on the VOP is listed… but then when he clicks it, the browser doesn’t go to The Voiceover Pavilion…. it goes to some weird Cialis / Viagra sales portal.

I confirmed this… then sat down infront of my PC in shock. How could this happen? Is it a virus? How do I fix this?

I gave myself 5 minutes to feel sorry for myself … then started the search to figure out what happened?

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Quiet on the Set! Say hello to QuietGlue

Quiet on the Set! Say hello to QuietGlue

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January 31, 2012  |  Articles, Audio Technology  |  Comments Off on Quiet on the Set! Say hello to QuietGlue

Back in January of 2010 I wrote an article about a sound absorption product called Green Glue. The point of the article was to bring the product to the attention of my readers (who are mostly voiceover artists or audiophiles) Since many of you are either building yourselves (or others) home studios and / or constantly trying to improve your studio’s sound quality. I figure Taji’s Voice Emporium is the perfect place to showcase some sound isolation products.

Today’s article is not a review since I don’t have access to the product itself … but I thought it only fair that I would write an article about Green Glue’s direct competitor Quiet Glue, especially since many of the people who read the Green Glue article mentioned that there is (in their opinion) a better (and cheaper) product out there that can help with sound isolation / absorption / dampening.

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The Art of Creating Art

The Art of Creating Art

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January 18, 2012  |  Articles, Ramblings, Voice Over Misc  |  Comments Off on The Art of Creating Art

Almost every man I know wants to drive like a pro. Its a strange thing this fascination the male members of the human species have with moving vehicles. Not so much tractors and heavy machinery…  with those we would like to think of ourselves as instinctively intuitive, as in, you can operate this behemoth of a machine instinctively without instruction or prior training. But the truth of the matter is that there are good drivers, and bad drivers… and everyone in between is the norm… the moderately good drivers. The truth is that if I decide to drive a Caterpillar Earth Mover without instruction… I wouldn’t be able to make it move.

In the Acting world there are those who are called character actors. People like Heath Ledger, Danial Day Lewis and Johnny Depp. Those people are well known for their chameleon like versatility. Almost like they have multiple personalities. On the other side of the spectrum you have actors that play themselves over and over in movies. Seth Rogan (I still like his work… but seriously lets face it … its the same guy over and over) Adam Sandler and David Spade is another.

Then you have some of those dedicated actors… who are good, well liked, prepare like crazy… and have talent. Christian Bale, Robert De Niro, Gary Oldman.

I’m sure every actor out there wants to be known as versatile. That would mean he gets more work doesn’t it? If they can play the Good guy and the Bad guy with equal conviction …. then the doors of possibility are endless.

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The Salesman And The Businessman

The Salesman And The Businessman

October 27, 2011  |  Articles, Edumification, Ramblings  |  3 Comments

Lately, which I must admit is kind of sad, I discovered that there are two (or three) kinds of people in the business world.

No matter how sophisticated and advanced the science of barter and exchange gets … in the end it boils down to those 2 (or 3) kinds of people. The Salesman and the Businessman

Now that is not to say that Businessmen cannot be effective at sales… no I am, in fact, speaking of a state of mind. I won’t mince my words in this article mainly because I don’t have much time to write it… but this is a point that I found enlightening though obvious.

By using the term Salesman I do not mean people who work in Sales… rather I am talking about a definition I came up with to define a specific business character and their business model.

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