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Introducing ipDTL,  Recording Evolved

Introducing ipDTL, Recording Evolved


Earlier this year I received an email from one of my voiceover agents in the UK asking me to run a test with them on a new internet based ISDN replacement technology called ipDTL. All I needed was a good microphone, a decent internet connection and a chrome browser. The session went smoothly and my agent was pleased that I was able to achieve ISDN level quality on a wireless connection on my Mac Mini.

Ever the inquisitive type I decided to read up on this ipDTL (If I could get the letters in the right order) and decided that there wasn’t enough material to sate my curiosity. On an impulse I visited the website for the company behind ipDTL (a UK startup called In:Quality) and sent them off a message. CEO and founder of In:Quality Kevin Leach was kind enough to get back in touch with me forthwith and agreed to an interview that I present to you kind folks of the Voiceover  inclination.

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SoundStreak: The Next Generation of Remote Recording

SoundStreak: The Next Generation of Remote Recording

February 24, 2013  |  Articles, Interview  |  8 Comments

A month or so back I came across a posting by a member in one of my online casting groups in Linkedin. The post was about a new Remote recording service called SoundStreak. This intrigued me and upon spending a few minutes on their website I was pretty excited about both the service and the idea of talking to the team behind this service directly.

Shortly after contacting the SoundStreak folks I was pleasantly surprised to hear directly from  CEO Dan Caligor who was nice enough to get in touch and answer a few questions for me.  I have yet to use the Sound Streak  system since my recording setup is a windows one and the Sound Streak software currently only supports Macs. But Dan assured me that they will be releasing a windows beta for their software very soon.

Also once the stars align and I am able to test the system I will be posting a detailed description of how the session went and what my thoughts were on it.

So what is Sound Streak? and how is it the Next Generation of Remote Recording? How can voiceover folk like us benefit from it? and what’s the catch… if any?

Answers to these questions after the jump!

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Wendy Edwards Interviews Mahmoud Taji About Revolution

Wendy Edwards Interviews Mahmoud Taji About Revolution

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March 2, 2011  |  Articles, Interview, Voice Over Misc  |  Comments Off on Wendy Edwards Interviews Mahmoud Taji About Revolution

Wendy Edwards, a good tweep of mine, recently interviewed me for her podcast : The Wendy Edwards Show. Wendy works out of Charlottesville, Virginia and was intrigued by the recent events in Egypt.

In this Podcast Wendy Also kicks off her latest project, a contest called “The Next Voice Over Star!” of which my Directory Site The Voiceover Pavilion is a sponsor

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Another Voice123 PR Debacle

Another Voice123 PR Debacle


So I finally got around to Steven Lowell’s answer to my post Voice123 wants to turn my account inacctive

and loe and behold… I read this in his blog post answer (please keep in mind that he provided this answer to put my mind at ease)

” Now, I am sure that we all like to park ourselves on websites for good exposure, but the plain and simple truth is…You are either in this voice over business or you are not. It is not wise to throw your name on a website with the hopes they will find you, and then, not pay attention to it. You have to be there to answer when someone comes fishing around to offer work for you. In the eyes of those ‘looking for talent’, they have specifically stated they view this as false advertising. ”

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The Accent Chameleon: Mahmoud Taji Interviews Amy Walker the 21 Accents Viral Video Wonde

May 6, 2009  |  Articles, Interview  |  2 Comments

Morning Folks, Today’s post is kind of a followup on a previous post of mine called How To Learn Any Accent which itself was a build on another post of mine called Funtime: Accents of the World. In the Accents of the world post I featured a youtube video for Amy Walker called 21 Accents… I will repost it here:

as you can see Amy’s talent is quite remarkable… Amy’s short 2.5 video was posted in January of 2008 and within a few days went Viral… Viral Videos for those who are a little confused by the terms are basically videos that become so popular that the whole internet starts speaking about it… they are called Viral because they spread in popularity like a virus.

Amy’s 2.5 minute video was such a success that it got her an appearance on the Today Show.  Here is an interview with  Amy were she explains her background and the story behind her 21 accents video:

Amy was nice enough to take some time away from her hectic work schedule and answer a few questions for Taji’s Voice Emporium:

Mahmoud Taji
First I would like to thank you for giving me a bit of your time… I know these day’s things are quite hectic for I’ll get right to the questions:

Your Youtube video post caused quite a sensation… 1.5 million views since Jan 2008…. how has it effected your career?

Amy Walker
It blew my mind.  The fact that I can film a piece that I’m inspired to share, and immediately people whom I’ll never meet on the other side of the planet can be inspired by it… it’s incredible.  It woke me up to the power of the internet as a community-builder.  That, in turn, sparked the idea to fund our feature film Connected, by small donations from people around the world, to show what we can do when we unite for a common goal.  I’ve chosen to be empowered by the internet to create the work I feel drawn to, instead of relying on an agent to convince other people that I’m what they’re looking for.  You can feel powerless as an actor or filmmaker in the studio system.  That’s changing now. Read More