I Love Voice-Over Work (ILVOW) The Website

I Love Voice-Over Work (ILVOW) The Website

September 29, 2009  |  Articles, Funtime


Good morning Peoples of the world,

Today I would like to invite you to visit my new project website called I Love Voice-Over Work the site is dedicated to voice-over professionals who would like to share their stories with the rest of the voice-over community. Currently I have it up as  subdomain on voiceemporium.com:


If you would like to leave a story you can do so using your name (by registering … its free!) or you can leave the story without registering and that will be automatically filed under anonymous.

This type of website is not my original idea… it was originally started by FML.com and mylifeisaverage.com but I believe that it would be of great benefit to the voice-over community to have an archive of stories like this to bring us closer and to benefit those starting out … or to support those who are going through a tough time in these financially messed up times.

Please if you have found any of my articles at all beneficial I would greatly appreciate that you visit ILVOW and leave a story. I’d like it if you registered. Basically so you can leave comments and be more active within the ILVOW community.

I have written a couple of posts to show you what format should be followed.

You start with:


and you end with



  1. Taji,

    What a cool idea. I’ve registered and posted my first story. Thank you.

    Be well,

  2. Cool idea…here’s the link to a blog I posted, that was then picked up and published in Broadcast Dialogue Magazine in Canada.
    Thanks for the chance to post!


  3. My favorite will always be the O.J. Simpson character for MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch. I had to examine certain mannerisms he displayed in court to nail his character.


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